Northern Tibet


 Northern Tibet is also known as the Grassland region in Tibet. Northern Tibet is famous for Nomads, grasslands, Mountains, Rivers, and lakes. 

One of the most popular travel destinations in Northern Tibet is Namtso Lake. 

Below Tibet Travelers will share detailed information on important Sightseeings located in Northern Tibet. 

The main city of Northern Tibet is Nakchu. Located in 332Km from Lhasa. They are 2 ways to get to Nakchu from Lhasa.

1. By Overland 

2. By Train 

Nakchu is famous for the horse racing festival, which happens every year around July-August. 

One of the most important sightseeing located in Northern Tibet is Namtso Lake. Located 240km from Lhasa, with an elevation of 4700M above sea level. Namtso Lake is a famous travel destination for both Western Travelers and Asian Travelers. They are many ways to travel to Namtso Lake. Day Tour, 2 Days Tour, or loop tour from Shigatse or Lhasa. 

Namtso Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet, surrounded by snow mountains, grassland, and Nomads in summer.  Namtso Lake is one of the best places in Tibet to witness the beauties of sunset, sunrise, and stars at night. 

Tibet Travelers arranges many different types of Tours to Namtso Lake. One of our most popular Tours is the 10 days tour to Namtso Lake from Shigatse with a loop trip to Mount Everest North Face Base Camp. Below Tibet Travelers will share the 10 days Tour link for Private Tour and Group Tour.

Private Tour

Group Tour

Tibet Travelers also arrange Customized Tour to Namtso Lake as a Day Tour or 2 Days Tour via connecting with other Tours of Tibet Travelers. 

Another important Sightseeing located in Northern Tibet is Twin Lake. Located around 200km from Namtso Lake towards far Northern Tibet. They are a few beautiful Glaciers. The region near the Glacier is the Changtang Region, also known as no man's land. Very few Western Travelers travel to Twin Lake. Many Chinese Travelers will travel to Twin Lake during the summer. 

Yangpachen Hot Spring Pool is also located near Namtso Lake, this hot spring is artificial mixed hot and cold water.

Finally, there is an overland journey from Lhasa to Golmud at a duration of around 3-4 days. This is also an option for Travelers who love the Northern grassland region in Tibet.  

Tibet Travelers also recommend Travelers to take the train from Xining or Lanzhou to Lhasa to see the glimpse beauties of Northern Tibet. 

These are the few important pieces of information regarding Northern Tibet. For Tibet Travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email Tibet Travelers at

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Dec 30, 2017


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