In Tibet, different regions have different nature. Nyingchi is also known as Kongpo in the Tibetan Language. Nyingchi is located in the Eastern Tibet around 450Km from Lhasa.

Nyingchi is rich in Nature and Nyingchi is the home of many beautiful Tibetans.

Few important highlights to see in Nyingchi Region.

1.Draksum Lake

2.Rawok Lake

3. Mitu Glacier

4.Lamaling Monastery

5.Mount Namchak Barwa (Thunderbolt)

6.Lulang Green Region

Nyingchi is the home of green forest and white mountains, the altitude of Nyingchi is around 900M lower then Lhasa. Altitude of Nyingchi is around 2600M

1. Draksum lake 

Located around 400km from Lhasa, around 50km from Nyingchi Bayi city. Draksum means three mountains. It is located in the middle of green forest and mountains. There is a beautiful ancient Tibetan Nyingmapa sect monastery in the middle of the island Tashidor.

2. Rawok Lake

Rawok lake is favorite for many Travelers, for its beautiful nature. It can access on the way from Bayi city in 2 days, staying 1 night in Pomi town. Rawok lake is surrounded by mountains.

3. Mitu Glacier

They are 2 Glaciers can be possible to visit near Mitu Glacier. Another Glacier is Laiho Glacier. Mitu Glacier can be possible to visit on the way from Pomi town to Rawok lake. For Glacier and hike lovers, it is a great choice.

4. Lamaling Monastery

One important Nyingmapa sect monastery located around 60km from Nyingchi Bayi city is Lamaling Monastery. Which is known as the Sangdok Palri ( The land of Maha Guru Rinpoche ) It can be visited on the way from Nyingchi airport to Bayi city or from Bayi city to Lamaling Monastery.

5. Mount Namchak Barwa 

Mount Namchak Barwa is translated into English as Mount Thunderbolt. It is known as the 15th highest mountain in the world and one of the most beautiful mountains in Tibet.  The mountain looks like a woman lying down with head upwards. View of Mount Namchak Barwa can be possible to see from the Bonri Mountain, Bonri is a very important holy mountain for ancient Tibetan native religion Bon. Mount Namchak Barwa is also known as Goddess for local Tibetans.