Original Tibetan Dzi


Diamond is found in Africa, Gold is found in many regions, and Dzi is almost found only in Tibet. 

They are many different stories of Dzi in the legend of Tibet. Three of the stories I have heard from elders.

Some Tibetans say that Dzi is fallen from the sky as a treasure from above.  

Some say its a worm and turn into a stone after many many years.

Some say that it is one of the finest ancient works and those experts who know how to make a fine Dzi are very rare nowadays so that is the reason it is expensive.  

From my personal experience, I don't know how to check if the Dzi is original or fake since need lots of techniques. 

A very easy way to check if its a stone or a plastic is to burn and check but that also doesn't help to check if its an original Dzi or fake since many new Dzi from Taiwan is good stone materials but they are not expensive as the original Dzi.

The Taiwan Dzi will cost around 50 USD-4000USD depends on the quality of the stone.  

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The price of the original Dzi will depend on the quality of the Dzi and the numbers of eyes on the Dzi and condition of the Dzi, art design of the Dzi.
The most expensive Dzi is the nine eye Dzi. Next is five eye Dzi, and three eye Dzi, and two eye Dzi. 

The price will also depend on the size of the Dzi but the most important will depend on the age of the Dzi, the ancient Dzi are around at least 500 years old.

The price of the original Dzi will cost around 1700 US Dollar to 150 thousand US Dollar.

The most highly prized Dzi beads are those of ancient age, made of natural agate

They are many imitation Dzi which are created from the materials other than agate or chalcedony. They can be made of glass, resin, lampwork, wood, bone, plastic, metal, or non-traditional etched stones.

Nowadays to find original Dzi is quite difficult in the market in Tibet so we highly recommend Travelers to check more information regarding the Dzi in the Wikipedia.


One great deed I remember was when a movie star from Hongkong has bought a very expensive original Dzi and offered to Buddha Shakyamuni in the Jhokang Temple. May the merit brings world peace and happiness to all.

Dzi is a mineral stone and many people believed that the original Dzi will protect us from obstacles and also helps the health of the body while wearing it. 

Some people say that when someone wears original Dzi, they look more majestic. 

These are Tibet Travelers information regarding the Dzi, Tibetan version of the diamond.  

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 31, 2018


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