Overland from Yunnan Shangri la to Tibet

Before nearly a decades ago, the top overland journey from China to Tibet is the overland journey from Yunnan Shangri La to Lhasa, Tibet.

Due to the road condition,  closed for many years but this year 2019 a great news has over, the route is open again. 

This overland route allows Travelers to see the beauties of mountains, lakes, rivers, and green forest nature.  The full package nature journey for Travelers.

This overland journey can also be arranged with the opposite direction, the overland from Tibet, Lhasa to Shangri La, Yunnan. 

The duration of the journey is around eight days. The total length of the route is around 2000KM.

Including two-three days in Lhasa sightseeing will make the journey total around eleven days. Travelers can also extend the trip via adding the southern Tibet to Mount Everest North face view or the western Tibet Mount Kailash trek. 

Photo: Beauties of Rawok Lake 

The highlights of the journey from Yunnan Shangri la to Lhasa

  1. Beauties of Shangri La 
  2. Local Tibetans from Eastern Tibet
  3. The stunning view of Mount Kawakarpo (6740meters)
  4. Beauties of red mountains near the Yanjing 
  5. Rawok Lake and surrounding mountains, and rivers
  6. The thick forest and peach flower town near Pomi
  7. Lulang greeny region
  8. View of Mount Namchak Barwa ( 7782M)
  9. Draksum Lake near Gyamda town
  10. Siji Lhatso Lake near Rutok town
  11. Ganden monastery 

This overland journey let Travelers see the beauties of Eastern Tibet. The highest airport situated at Pangda town near Markham, and Chamdo.

The area is closer to Bhutan, so they are few similarities. The Monpa, and Lhopa people located near the Metok county, also known as Pemako. 

They are four highlight overland journey from mainland China to Tibet. 

  1. Overland from Yunnan Lijiang Shangri La to Lhasa.
  2. Overland from Golmud to Lhasa.
  3. Overland from Xinjiang Kashgar to Lhasa.
  4. Overland from Chengdu to Lhasa.

Photo: Beauties of Nyingchi

At the moment, the above three overland journey will be possible to arrange for Travelers. Above three overland journey can also be arranged as opposite direction via Lhasa. 


Traveling overland in Tibet is the second best ways to see the beauties of Tibet. The first best ways to see the beauties of Tibet is the Trekking in Tibet

Tibet Travelers manager Tenzin Dhondup has traveled from Yunnan, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri La, Deqing, Markham, Nyingchi to Lhasa via overland so we are expert in sharing the information on these routes. 

Travelers can send us Email regarding the overland journey from mainland China to Tibet at [email protected] 

Written By :Tenzin

Mar 31, 2019


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