Pasum is situated at an elevation of 4300 meters in Tingri County.


Pasum is one of the most beautiful villages on the way to Mount Everest North Face. The summit of Mount Everest's north face is seen from Pasum village. This makes Pasum a great place to stop for photos and also a place to stay for a night to acclimatize with the altitude. 

Pasum is the present hometown of Tibet Travelers Tenzin Dhondup. My mother Dechen and brother Dorje with his wife Yangchen are living in Pasum. They have a small shop for locals. 

Video: View of Mount Everest summit from Tibet Travelers Tenzin Dhondup home at Pasum


From Lhasa to Pasum, there is around 600km. From Shigatse to Pasum, there is about 300km, and from Mount Everest North face area Rongbuk monastery to Pasum is approximately 37km. 

Sightseeing at Pasum village 

Pasum is a great place to stay for a night. The summit view of Mount Everest North face is seen from Pasum.

Pasum Dzaphuk monastery is an excellent option for a short visit. When I went there on April 11th, 2019, the monastery is well-taken care of by a local name Tsering Samdrup.

The Dzaphuk monastery is a small Nyingmapa sect monastery. The main shrine of the monastery is the eight manifestations of Maha Guru Rinpoche. 

The monastery also has well-preserved robes of previous Trukshik Rinpoche. Abbot of Rongbuk monastery in Tibet and Solukhumbu Thubten Choeling monastery in Nepal. 

Photo: Tibet Travelers 2019 Social Responsibility Project

Pasum Primary school is a great option to visit and offer sweets or pencils to the students. Currently, they are around 300 Primary school students and 19 Kindergarten students. 

From Pasum village there is 30km to the scenic point of Mount Everest North face Gawu la pass ( also known as Geu la ) at the elevation of 5200 meters. From Geu la pass, Travelers can see the view of five mountains above 8000 meters including Mount Everest. 

Accommodations and Foods

Pasum has many local Tibetan guest houses with clean bedrooms. The hot shower and private bathroom are still not available at Pasum. 

The guesthouses also offer warm Tibetan noodles soup and fried rice.

Photo: View of Mount Everest near the guesthouse in Pasum

Nearest hospital 

The nearest hospital from Pasum is at Tashizom village with a duration of 10km. 

Nearest town

The nearest town from Pasum is Old Tingri Gangkar at 50km and New Tingri Sheger at 70km. 

Nearest city, airport and train station 

Shigatse is the nearest city, airport, and train station from Pasum with a duration of 300km. 

Nearest highlight trek 

Mount Everest East Face Kangshung valley is the nearest trek area from Pasum with 80km. Kangshung valley trek is the best way to see the hidden beauties in Tibet. 

Nearest border

The nearest border from Pasum is the Kyirong and Zhangmu border between Nepal. 

Photo: Mount Everest North Face summit from Pasum


During the year 2019 April 11th, Tibet Travelers has started a Social Responsibility Project at Pasum village Primary school for nearly 320 students

Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to stay a night at Pasum as an option if Travelers are having altitude sickness at the Rongbuk monastery.

The altitude of Pasum is 4300 meters and the altitude of Rongbuk monastery is 5050 meters.

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article on Pasum. Travelers can send us Emails regarding traveling to Pasum. 

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 14, 2019


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