Pelber is one of the most famous towns of Tingri County. Pelber is an essential town for Travelers going towards the Mount Everest North face region.

Pelber situated at an elevation of 4400 meters. The town is around 90km from the Mount Everest North face final viewpoint area Rongbuk monastery and approximately 30km from the most stunning scenic views of five mountains above 8000 meters including the Mount Everest at Gawula Pass

Pelber is the nearest town to Tingri county. The name of the center town of Tingri county is Shegar. Shegar is around 14km from the Pelber towards the north.  Tingri county has thirteen towns, and it is one of the most popular travel destination counties in the Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Photo: Five mountains scenic viewpoint at Gawula Pass ( 5200 meters ) 30km from Pelber town 

There is around 50km from Pelber town to my village at Tashizom. Travelers can read my previous article on Mount Everest region is my hometown, where I had shared my experience of 16 months at Mount Everest north face base camp. 

The nearest Mountains and Sightseeing areas

  1. Mount Everest (8844 meters, 29002ft) (The highest mountain in our world)
  2. Gawula Scenic viewpoint 
  3. Shegar Chode monastery 
  4. Rongbuk monastery 
  5. Sakya monastery
  6. Mount Cho Oyu (8188 meters, 26906 ft) (The fourth highest mountain in our world)

The nearest City and Towns

  1. Shigatse city   (240km) 
  2. Shegar town ( Main town of Tingri county) (14km) 
  3. Gangkar town (Also known as Old Tingri) (60km) 
  4. Pasum village (50km) 
  5. Lhatse town (90km) 
  6. Tashizom village (45km) 

Hotels and Restaurants 

  1. 2-star Roof of the world hotel with the Restaurant
  2. 2-star Everest hotel 

The nearest Hospitals

  1. Shegar Dzong town Hospital 
  2. Lhatse town Hospital
  3. Bigger Hospital at Shigatse 

Photo: Shegar Dzong and Monastery 

The nearest Hotsprings

  1. Pelber Lolo Hotspring (10km)
  2. Old Tingri Hotspring  (70km)

The nearest Border town

  1. Kyirong border town between Nepal
  2. Zhangmu border town between Nepal 

The nearest Trekking area

  1. Mount Everest east face Kangshung Valley Trekking 
  2. Old Tingri to Mount Everest Trekking 

Photo: View of Mount Everest from Old Tingri town (60km from Pelber)

Pelber town is also a great place to acclimatize with the altitude for Travelers going towards Mount Everest. 


Pelber is an essential town to Travelers since almost 90 percent of the Travelers going towards the Mount Everest area will spend a night at Pelber to see the sunrise of five mountains above 8000 meters from the Gawula Pass

The small town of Pelber situated in the middle of friendship highway is also the town where Travelers have to buy the entrance fees of Mount Everest National Park. The Entrance fee cost of Mount Everest is 400-600 Renminbi for the vehicle depending on the wheels and for the Travelers and Tour Guide cost is 180 Renminbi per person. 

In the Tibet Travelers tour itinerary to Mount Everest, Travelers will spend one night in Pelber at the best hotel in the town. ( 2-star Roof of the world hotel ) 

The hotel offers comfortable rooms with a private attached bathroom. We always do our best to book the deluxe room for our Travelers since Travelers' comfort is the primary key of Tibet Travelers.

Pelber town is growing quite fast because it is the center town near Mount Everest. 

Tibet Travelers normally recommend Travelers to spend a night in Pelber so Travelers can see the sunrise of five Mountains above 8000 meters from Gawula Pass at an elevation of 5200 meters. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 28, 2019


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