Planting a tree project in Tibet


From my personal experience, since Tibet is located at the highest altitude of our world, one of the best projects will be planting a tree.

The central administration in Tibet Autonomous Region has planted so many trees in Tibet.

Nowadays many regions in Tibet have beautiful trees as compared to many decades ago but having this project can help to boost our help towards nature.

One of the reasons I have this project in my mind from a long time ago is I was born at the altitude of 4, 500 m where they are very few trees since my hometown is located near the Mount Everest base camp.

Even though my village administration had done their best to plan many trees, the high altitude is making this difficult and if we also help together, it will boost the project so that in future they will be many beautiful green trees everywhere for beautiful nature and most importantly a fresh air.

I am a green tree lover person, the moment I see the green trees, it gives me great pleasure in my mind and body.

I have this feeling that green nature is the key to having a healthy mind and body.

Tibet is actually very clean, Travelers who travel to Tibet from Nepal will say wow the moment they see the clean city of Lhasa.

The administration is taking good care of the environment and most of the places of Tibet are clean with beautiful nature for Travelers to explore.

The reason for my article is to boost the beauty and cleanness of Tibet, as normal people, we can also do something on our behalf towards nature since nature has been providing us with almost everything from the beginning of civilization.

Many Tibetans told me that one of the habits of foreign Travelers that they love the most, is foreign Travelers never throw garbage or waste everywhere while traveling.

They have a great habit of putting all the garbage in the vehicle and simply throwing it in the dustbin when they arrive at the hotel in the city and this has changed the habits of many Tibetan Tour Guides and Tour Drivers.

We would like to thank all the foreign Travelers for sharing with us this great habit.

That is also one of the reasons I love working in tourism, they are so many things we can learn from Travelers. 

Eastern Tibet Nyingchi is one of the lower altitude areas in Tibet, they are so many trees with beautiful snow mountains to witness.

Many Travelers from mainland China will travel to the eastern Tibet Nyingchi region, which is known as Switzerland in Tibet.

As compared to many decades ago, nowadays even the places where there were sand dunes before have turned into beautiful green nature. 

Travelers who travel to Tibet will see the beautiful nature along the way and all of these are protected very well. 

Once I have seen the administration of Lhasa planting many trees on the other side of the Lhasa Kyichu river, I was very happy since I am a tree lover and nowadays many local Tibetans go there for a walk since they can feel the blessings of tree nature. 

Travel to Tibet and witness her beauty

Another beautiful tree project I have seen was on the backside of Sera Utse meditation cave.

There are two monasteries namely the Phurchok monastery retreat area and Kewu Tsang monastery retreat area, also known as Ne go dong, on the mountain, the Lhasa administration has already planted many trees to boost the beauty of nature and to have fresh air for the people so it is a great project since for the meditators, one of the best friends will be the trees. Travelers can also read my few experiences at a monastery in Tibet.

After seeing these beautiful projects from the Tibet Autonomous Region administration, this beautiful thought came to my mind and I have this feeling that I should also do my best to do something towards nature and the first step I have found is writing this article. 


In the modern world where everyone is using so many plastics and materials from trees, it is very important to think about planting a tree.

Even one tree plant per person will change our world into a better world for us and to all the future generations and generations. 

Travelers who also have this thought of planting a tree in Tibet can also contact us with your feedback.

Tibet Travelers will do their best to donate money or involve in the activities while doing more research. 

Writing this article is our first step towards planting a tree. Every success comes with a first step.

Thank you for reading our article on the planting a tree project in Tibet. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 16, 2018


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