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Having a positive view of everything makes our life more significant.

A person should go beyond the mood. If we follow our mood, there is no progress in life.

Doing Yoga and meditation, reading books, and traveling are the teachers of our life, and we should not let the mood take us away from these great teachers. Our moods are always loving to be in the comfort zone with the same daily habits that drain us down.

If we don’t care much about our mood and start doing things that are meaningful for us and others, sooner mood can’t chain us, and there is a chance of changes in life.

It's not about running from people who have negative energy; they are the one who needs the compassion the most so we shine our positive energy to them and sooner it can also shine their energy. Shining them with positive energy can naturally bring happiness to us since it’s an interdependent life.

Life is constantly changing weather, and that's the beauty and the value it gets. In the impermanent life, we shouldn’t be surprised with the changes, as long as we accept the impermanence, we accept the truth of life.

What goes up comes down so we should secure our thoughts. Sometimes we can feel that everything is starting from thought so securing thoughts with good habits is essential to have a great life ahead. Success in many ways means happiness, and it relates to our thoughts, having positive thoughts all the time is like creating great karma all the time and that’s the meaning of success since reaping good fruit can easily make sure to bring good fruits.

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Car needs fuel to go; life needs merit to go. Tibetan has a saying that instead of working hard the whole day, why not create positive merit for a few minutes. 

To explain the merit, we can see many different people in our world, and if hard work is the only solution to become successful, then we have to look at people who work in the constructions areas. They are one of the hardest workers, yet the result they get is ten or a hundred times less than people who stay at the office with a computer. It depends on the past life's merit that brought us to the present. 

We need to create merit and creating merit is so easy. It's not only about giving everything that we have and being a monk. That might be the one way, but they are 83999 other ways to create merit. 

When someone is having success or doing a great deed, rejoice with them and we get the same amount of merit as others.

Never to feel happy when we see others are in pain, that will drain our positive merit right away.

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When I was young, I like the word Powerful, as I grow older, I have fallen in love with the word Compassion.


As human beings, we can't expect perfection at the right beginning. We are not yet enlightened so just like they update the apps, we update our mind.

Writing my feelings has been started from the time when I used to write music decades ago. Even now I have this feeling of a poet and it's a blessing from Guru that sometimes such a great topic pops in my head, and I try to write it down.

Journey to Tibet is the journey of both our mind and body. Travelers will see beautiful natures in Tibet and with the wisdom from Tibet by Tibetan ancestors, it's an extra bonus for the trip to Tibet so with my little knowledge of reading books from my ancestors, I have shared these feelings with all the Travelers. 

Thank you for taking your precious time on reading my article on positive energy from Tibet Travelers. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 31, 2019


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