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In the modern 21st Century, more and more people are going far from reading the books including my self. 

The reason is the laziness, unable to focus, being busy outwardly and also being busy inwardly in the mind that we can't sit and read. 

Silence moment when reading a book 

This silence is one of the best ways to see our inner self, but it is tough to get used to the silence. The moment silence comes, the feeling of loneliness and fear comes. It is the beauty of this silence which gives us a chance where we can go beyond the loneliness and despair, but most of the time, we give up going beyond the silence.  

The same silence moment comes when we do the meditation. We are too attached to the sound that we can't make this beautiful silence as a habit. This sound is a distraction. The meaning of the sound means not only the big noise of music outside but also the private chatting.

If we cannot get used to silence, there is never a way we can be peaceful. Clam and peace are inseparable. 

Great masters have said that if we have just sat in the silence for a few hours every day without distraction, one day we will know the nature of the mind. When we see the nature of the mind, we can be the master of our mind. The mind is the source of everything.

Seeking Happiness 

Every sentient being is seeking happiness. Everything we do is after happiness. There is nothing wrong with seeking happiness. Great Bodhisattva Shantideva said: If the thought of seeking happiness has not arisen in your mind? How can thought of seeking happiness for others will arise in your mind?

As great Guru Tilopa said: The problem is not the enjoyment. The problem is the attachment. Attachment and suffering are inseparable. That is the reason when the moment we are attached to something; we are attached to suffering. 

Photo: Beautiful Spiritual Hat 

Compassion and Wisdom to defeat the strong habit

The two most valuable thing in the life of a person is compassion and wisdom. They are many ways to increase compassion and wisdom. One of the best ways is reading a book since we have to defeat our strong habit.

Our habit is intense that it will take so many efforts to change our habit. Having a habit is not a wrong thing since spiritual practice is also a kind of habit. Good and bad habits can be checked with the result of the habit. 

If a habit helps us with increasing compassion and wisdom, that is a great habit.

If a habit helps us with increasing the anger and hate, that is the habit which brings miserable to our life and others. 

In the new century, to find a Guru with deep compassion and also have time to teach us is so difficult, so the best ways for us to improve our path is reading the books of previous great Gurus. 

Benefits of reading books

The benefits of reading books are countless. Each book has its specialty. I highly recommend reading books which helps us to increase compassion and wisdom. 

Compassion and wisdom are priceless, so that's the reason Prince Siddhartha Gautama has left the Palace full of beautiful princess and wealth. 

Photo: Website view of voice Book Jetsun Milarepa

My Tibetan Audio Book 

The Buddha nature inside me sometimes tells me to read the books, but also my bad karmic debts like to go far from the books, so I became sluggish with reading the books.

The same thing might be happening to many other people like me so making the audio voice book might be a great help to myself and others, so I have started with the Jetsun Milarepa Audiobook. 

My voice is not sweet, and also I am not a pro voice book recorder so I would like to ask forgiveness from Gurus, Buddha's and Bodhisattvas.

At the moment, I have finished until 30 chapters. Total will be around 100 chapters. Travelers can listen to my voice book Jetsun Milarepa in Tibetan through the below website. 


Sometimes when I read the books of Jetsun Milarepa, tears come to my eyes, and it feels good. 


May everyone starts falling in love with reading books. I have seen Travelers bringing the Kindle book reader while traveling in Tibet so recently with the help of a Traveler from Australia. I have bought the Kobo Clara. It is a great tool to read books. 

Reading a book is one of the best habits in our life. Books are the works of people who have spent many years or even one lifetime to write, so there are so much wisdom and blessings. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Sep 19, 2018


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