Reasons Behind Tibetans Love Apple Device


Apple Device has been liked by millions of people in our world. When it comes to Tibetans, we Tibetans also love the Apple Device a lot. They are many beautiful Tibetan Apps can be found on App Store on iPhone Device. 

Photo: Tibetan Yak near a stunning mountain and lake at Western Tibet Region

They are many reasons that Tibetans love Apple Device. One of the most important reason is, it has the Tibetan language, which makes it much easier for Tibetans to text each other and write in the Tibetan language. Apple Devices are very expensive but for Tibetans, it is one way where we can write some short poem or anything comes in our mind right away in the local Tibetan Language, so it is really a worth to love since Language is everything and they are many Tibetans at remote area who can only read or write Tibetan and not other Languages so it's a great way to improve Tibetan Language if we use it in a proper way.

Another reasons are, they are many beautiful Apps can be found on Apps store, Most of them are free, here below I would like to share some Apps which are essential daily use Apps.

1.Tibetan-English Dictionary

2.Samsara -Meditation Timer

3.Tibetan Lunar Calendar


5.Tibetan Dice Game

6.Chinese Tibetan Dictionary 

7.Tibetan Lungta ( Tibetan Prayer Flags)

8.The Tibetan Alphabet App

9.Meditation Tibetan Bowls

10.Tibetan E-Book

Above are few of the great Tibetan Apps available in App Store, most of the Apps are free. If you have found any other beautiful Apps, you can share with us at the below comment sections, may these Apps are helpful for you. Thank you for your time, if you are planning to travel into Tibet, you can send us Email at [email protected]

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 01, 2017


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