Rongbuk meditation cave of Guru Rinpoche


Rongbuk monastery, located at the elevation of 5050M, around 8Km from the Mount Everest North Face Base Camp, is a small monastery which is a traditional monastery of Tibetan Buddhism Nyingmapa sect School. 

This time, our article is not about the main Rongbuk monastery. Our article is about the Upper Rongbuk monastery, which is located around 4Km from Rongbuk monastery and Mount Everest North Face Base Camp.

I still remember the days in 2003, when I used to visit the Upper Rongbuk monastery to meet my friend Monk Sangay, he renounced worldly life and lived here in the summer. Monk Sangay is a humble person who lives like a Yogi and I admire him. Sometimes he can roll his dice to tell us about our future, which is a great thing. 


The reason behind writing this article is, many Travel agencies do arrange tours to Mount Everest North Face but they never tell Travelers about this hidden underground cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche, this cave has lots of blessing and nowadays Travelers who travel to Tibet are looking for peace of mind and this cave is the great place to meditate for few minutes to get the blessing from the great previous Yogis.

I have visited here many times before decades ago and I love it a lot. Recently our Travelers have visited here and some of the group members are Muslim, they like the cozy meditation cave and they loved the peaceful cave so it is highly recommended.

If you have more time and if merit allows, on the backside of the small house of Monk Sangay, there are few nuns meditating in the summer. There is also a stone, from where we can check how much evil Karma we have. 

Photo: Monk Sangay at upper Rongbuk meditation cave 

Once I went with Monk Sangay and he told me the whole story and even the mountains shapes and design all have a story behind and that made me feel that this place looks small but if you go deeper, it is very deep. Full of blessing. 

If you travel with Tibet Travelers, we will make sure our Travelers will visit this meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche and meditate for a few minutes. Even if you are traveling with other Travel agencies, make sure your Tour Guide takes you here for the blessing. 

Thank you for reading our article on the Upper Rongbuk monastery underground meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche. May the merit brings world peace and happiness to all. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Oct 03, 2017


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