Rongbuk Monastery

In the Tibetan language, known as རོང་ཕུ་དགོན་

Rongbuk monastery is the highest situated monasteries in our world.

Rongbuk monastery is also going to be the most vital topic of the year 2019 because of the final destination view of Mount Everest north face. Mount Everest is known as Chomolungma in Tibetan. ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ་ 

History of Rongbuk monastery

Rongbuk monastery can be divided into three.

  1. The Upper Rongbuk monastery
  2. Present Rongbuk monastery
  3. The lower Rongbuk monastery

Upper Rongbuk monastery

The upper Rongbuk monastery can be traced back to the 8th Century great Yogi Maha Guru Padmasambhava. In the teachings of Maha Guru Rinpoche Padma Kathang (I have spent a month and seven days at Rongbuk Dza. Have attained supreme spiritual realization. ) 

Upper Dza Rongbuk is known as a retreat area for Monks and Nuns of Rongbuk monastery. 

The lower Rongbuk monastery built during the great master late Je Trulshik. It is situated around 15km from the Rongbuk monastery. 

Present Rongbuk Monastery

The main Rongbuk monastery situated at the altitude of 5150 meters above sea level. Around 4km from the previous North face base camp of Mount Everest. 

The monastery was built by Ngawang Tenzin Norbu Rinpoche in the year 1902. The monastery became one of the critical Nyingpa school in Buddhism in Tibet.  The late Trulshik Rinpoche has spent many years in Rongbuk monastery as abbot of the monastery. The branch of the monastery is at Nepal in Solukhumbu area known as Thubten Choeling. 

At present, the monastery has been reconstructed with a large main hall and a few more precious statues of Buddhas. 

Rongbuk monastery is the highlight of 2019 because of the final view of Mount Everest

Mount Everest situated at the altitude of 8844 meters above sea level is the highest mountain in our world. 

To see the view of Mount Everest is a dream come true for many Travelers since its one of the highest area where Travelers can reach towards the sky in Tibet. 

Mount Everest area Garbage cleanup 

Every year many Mountain climbers and Travelers will travel to the Mount Everest area.

The climbers will be the one getting closer to Mount Everest. Since 2015, officials in Tibet have given every climber two trash bags to retrieve at least 8 kg of rubbish, levying a fine of $100 for each kilogram by which a climber falls short.

The central office has also planned to build an environmentally friendly toilet and waste collection sites at Mount Everest area, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Authorities in Tibet have pledged to complete 45 pollution cleanup tasks before 2020, according to a list published this week by the environment ministry, after central inspection team flagged concerns last year.

A team of 30 people has cleared about 5.2 tonnes of household waste, 2.3 tonnes of human feces, and one tonne of mountaineering trash in the cleanup by Tibetan mountaineering officials, the paper said.

So to remain the Mount Everest area clean, the central office has moved the last final viewpoint of Mount Everest at the Rongbuk monastery. The difference is 4km as compare to the previous last spot view camp of Mount Everest where the tea tents are situated. 

Update on Accommodation and Black Yak hair tea tent local hotels

Recent news said that the Black Yak hair tea tents from locals would be camp at Rongbuk monastery. 

The Rongbuk monastery offers basic accommodation and foods for Travelers. Private bathroom and shower are not available at Rongbuk monastery area for the night.

There is also one comfort hotel near the hill of Rongbuk monastery. 

Some Unique facts of Rongbuk monastery 

The nearest county from Rongbuk monastery is Tingri.

The Old Tingri is known as Gangkar. Travelers will be passed by Old Tingri only if Travelers are traveling to Nepal after Tibet.

The New Tingri, also known as Shegar with nearby small town Pelber. It is an excellent option to spend a night in Pelber so Travelers can acclimatize with the altitude well and also see the stunning sunrise view of five mountains above 8000 meters from the Geu La pass at the elevation of 5200 meters. Also known as Gawu la. The mountains include Mount Everest (8844 meters, 29002ft) Mount Makalu (8463 meters, 27825ft) Mount Lhotse (8516meters, 27940ft) Mount Cho Oyu (8188 meters, 26906 ft) and finally Mount Shishapangma (8027 meters, 26289ft) This is the best view scenic point of Mount Everest.

Video: View of five Mountains above 8000 meters from Gawula pass (5200 meters) ~ Song from Great Milarepa Gur Doha Song 

Pasum Village and Tashizom Village 

The valley from the Gawu la pass is known as Padruk. Two of the most important villages in Padruk are Pasum and Tashizom.

Travelers having altitude sickness at Rongbuk monastery can travel back to Pasum village. The Pasum village offers small basic dorm room bed accommodation. One of the highest school in Tibet situated at Pasum. Tibet Travelers promised to buy a winter jacket for around 250-300 students at Pasum village. 

The good news of staying a night in Pasum is the altitude of the village. Much lower at 4400 meters as compare to Rongbuk monastery at 5150 meters. Another good news is Travelers can still see the view of Mount Everest summit. 

Pasum is the current hometown of Tibet Travelers manager Tenzin Dhondup where my mother and brothers family are staying. Travelers having time can also give a short visit to say hello to them and have some butter tea with Tibetan Tsampa or Yak meat.

Photo: Sunset red Everest and golden Everest are two of favorite views of Mount Everest from Tibet Travelers

May all the Travelers traveling to Mount Everest area can see these two stunning views of Mount Everest. 


Rongbuk monastery is a small monastery as compare to other huge monasteries in Lhasa. The small Rongbuk monastery is full of blessings from the great Tibetan Yogis, so we highly recommend Travelers to visit Rongbuk monastery. 

The Rongbuk monastery area is also one of the best places in Tibet to see the stars in the night. 

The 90 percent of the Travelers traveling to Tibet is traveling towards the Mount Everest area, so it is a piece of vital information to write an article of the Rongbuk monastery. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers latest Tibet travel article Rongbuk monastery, one of the vital sightseeing in Tibet. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 23, 2019


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