Saga Dawa Festival in Tibet


Christmas is celebrated by Christian, Eid is celebrated by Muslim, Diwali is celebrated by Hindu and finally Buddhist celebrate Saga Dawa.

Why Saga Dawa is important?

There is one very important reason to celebrate Saga Dawa, Lord Buddha Shakyamuni.

This is the month Buddha Shakyamuni came to our world, this is the month of Buddha Shakyamuni's enlightenment and finally, Buddha Shakyamuni reaches the Parinirvana.

Three important festivals for a follower of Buddha Shakyamuni happening on one month making it the most important festival for Buddhist. 

Best months to acquire merit

Since it is a very auspicious month so in this month every Buddhists should take this opportunity to acquire lots of good merit from our body, speech, and mind.  

Tibetans Spiritual activities

In this month, many Tibetans will avoid eating meat, making kora to monasteries, prostration around Jhokang Temple and Potala Palace, and chanting as much as they can. 

Beauties of this festival

In Many festivals, people celebrate by eating lots of meat and drinking lots of alcohol, and playing games but the beauty of the Saga Dawa festival is Buddhists avoid doing those things since Buddhists believe these things are creating more negative karma so Buddhist focus doing more meditation, reading scripture and giving alms or money to beggars, in conclusion, Buddhist do all their best to train their mind with compassion. That is the main beauty of this festival. 

Dates of Saga Dawa

Saga Dawa festival for the year 2018 will start on May 16th and the main festival is on May 29th which is the full moon day.

Saga Dawa festival for the year 2019 will be celebrated on June 17th, which is the full moon day.

Saga Dawa festival for the year 2020 will be celebrated on June 5th, which is the full moon day.

Saga Dawa festival for the year 2021 will be celebrated on June 26th, which is the full moon day.

Saga Dawa festival for the year 2022 will be celebrated on June 14th, which is the full moon day.


Saga means Fourth and Dawa means Month so that is the main reason Saga Dawa is celebrating on every year Tibetan lunar calendar April 1st till April 15th and some will also celebrate till the end of April. 

Destination for tourist 

Lhasa and Mount Kailash are the most favorite destination of pilgrim travelers since, on April 15th of the Tibetan lunar calendar, the Big Prayer pole at Darchin will be seen with many locals gathering to celebrate so Mount Kailash is the most chosen destination for the Saga Dawa festival. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jun 29, 2017


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