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Drukpa Kunley & The Powerful Vulgar Mantra

Drukpa Kunley & The Powerful Vulgar Mantra  One of the biographies starts like this: Drukpa Kunley was surrounded by many female consorts in a cave singing and indulging. A female consort expressed, "Oh, Drukpa Kunley, you are a manifestation of Buddha. In my perception, you hold greater significance than Milarepa. Kindly grant us the

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Jetsun Tsongkhapa Je means Guru or Lord, and Tsun means purity and discipline. Did you know that Jetsun Tsongkhapa was the founder of the Gelugpa School of Buddhism in Tibet? He was born in 1357 in a place called Tsongkha, which is in the Eastern Tibet Amdo area. At the young age of three, he was ordained as a layperson vow by the 4th Jetsun

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Ra Lotsawa - The most Powerful Master 11th Century

I feel incredibly joyful when I write about Lama Ra Lotsawa! Although, I must apologize as I didn't read the biography in enough detail. But I will soon reread it so I can add more fascinating stories to this article. As a beginner, it's truly a blessing to learn about such an influential figure in Tibetan Buddhism - La Ra Lotsawa. He's considered

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Guru Rinpoche - The Greatest Guru Since 8th Century

Guru Rinpoche Kenno!  Padmasambhava or Pema Jungney means the one born from the lotus. Also known as Maha Guru Rinpoche or Lopon Chenpo in Tibetan, Maha means great, and Guru Rinpoche means precious spiritual master. Lopon Chenpo means the great spiritual master. Maha Guru Rinpoche1. The Lotus-Born.2. Oddiyana Princesss Mandarava.3. Al

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Milarepa - The Final Teaching of Great Value 1052

Have you heard of Milarepa? In the Himalayan Yogi culture, he's known as a shining star. According to legend, he's even climbed Mount Kailash with just a sunray - something no one else has ever done! Pretty amazing, right? Milarepa embodies the beauty of Buddha Dharma, and his biography elicits laughter and tears and inspires the pursuit of enl

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Sakya Drakpa Gyaltsen

Sakya Drakpa Gyaltsen Born like a prince of Sakya, yet left the great comfort life and wandered in the mountains of Sakya as a Yogi. In his whole life, he has never shown his back of the body to his Lama as a sign of actual devotion.  The Journey of a Great Yogi. Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen was born in 1147; he was the 5th great throne holder of Sak

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Bodhisattvas Way 37 Practices

Bodhisattvas Way 37 Practices Greetings to fellow beginner Buddhist admirers! I have a brief tale to tell about a compassionate master named Gyelse Tokme Zangpo, who was also recognized as Prince Thogme Sangpo. The compassion of Prince Thogme Sangpo was so great that even the slightest hint of a stranger's illness or misfortune would bring t

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