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Few minutes with a Yogini

A few minutes with a Yogini I have always wanted to take my mother on short trips as much as possible to repay her kindness. Four days ago, I again traveled to Woka Choelong Valley with my mother. We visited the Zingqi monastery, about 200 km from Lhasa this time.  The Story of the trip to visit the Yogini The story starts with a master, Lachen

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Mar 24, 2023  2

How to be a Vajrayana Yogi for beginners? 1 Best Solution

1. How to be a Vajrayana Yogi for beginners?  I have an immense fondness for Shakyamuni Buddha for various reasons, one of which is his adaptability. Throughout human history, Buddha Shakyamuni could be considered the legend of the Guru, demonstrating his compassion and wisdom towards all living beings by sharing countless techniques an

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Feb 26, 2023  0

Is Meditation the best Jackpot payment machine of Karma? 108

Meditation is the most fantastic present we can give ourselves! As a newbie to meditation, I'm already a huge fan. I've come across a few books on the subject, and today, I'd love to share some of what I've learned.  Meditation 1. What is meditation?2. What did Buddha lose by meditating?3. Why meditate?4. What are the unhelpful and ben

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Feb 14, 2023  1

What is Merit in Buddhism - Is it wish Fulfilling? 108

Greetings! The concept of merit holds great importance in Buddhism. 1. What makes Buddha highly meritorious? Buddha, due to extraordinary merit, even the slightest sound, like a bird's tweet, could break the cycle of Samsara. 2. Why do I lack merit? However, for someone like myself, Tenzin Dhondup, even with exposure to countle

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Feb 07, 2023  1

Weeks at a Monastery in Tibet - The Final Story 2024

Hey there! I wanted to tell you about my little experience spending a few weeks at a monastery in Tibet. Table of Contents with the Final Story1. Weeks at a Monastery in Tibet.2. From the City to the Mountains.3. Chatting with Thoughts.4. Business World & Ego Hunter.5. Buddhism & Lazy Master.6. Ego Hunter is Back. 7. Great Milarepa

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Feb 03, 2023  0

The King of Mantra - 7 Syllable

The King of Mantra! Buddha, the most benevolent and knowledgeable spiritual Guru worldwide, generously imparted various methods and resources to achieve complete enlightenment. One of the most precious paths to enlightenment is the Bodhisattva Way. A few of the meditation techniques are:  Breath meditation. Sound medi

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Mar 02, 2019  0

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