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Few Popular Cities in Tibet

Cities in Tibet Hey there! Today's article is all about some of the most fantastic cities in Tibet. We'll be sharing some fun facts and interesting information. Have you heard of Lhasa? Previously, we wrote a complete article about Lhasa. It's one of the most well-known cities in the area and definitely worth a visit! Another great spot to che

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Feb 17, 2024  0

Lhasa -The Beautiful City at an elevation of 3600 meters

Lhasa Lhasa is a beloved city for locals in Tibet, with an altitude of 3600 meters. It has a mild climate, which makes it one of the most comfortable cities in the China Tibet Autonomous Region. The city of Lhasa has a high level of development, featuring numerous well-designed residences, a limited number of luxury hotels, and both a train

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Jun 26, 2023  0

Kyirong - Top Travel Town between Nepal border? 2024

1. Kyirong Town Have you heard of Kyirong? It's also called Gyirong or Kyidrong, which means Happy Town or Town of Forest Valley. It's a new border town between Tibet and Nepal that's now open to travelers from all over the world. Before the earthquake in Nepal, Zhangmu was the border between Nepal, but after the earthquake, the Kyirong border

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Apr 13, 2023  0

Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery In the Tibetan language, known as རོང་ཕུ་དགོན་ Rongbuk monastery is one of the highest-situated monasteries in our world. History of Rongbuk Monastery Rongbuk monastery can be divided into three. The Upper Rongbuk monastery Present Rongbuk monastery The Lower Rongbuk monastery Upper Rongbuk mo

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