Shigatse is the second-largest city in the China Tibet Autonomous Region after Lhasa. The altitude of Shigatse is around 300M higher than Lhasa, 3900M

Shigatse is one of the richest Tourism cities in Tibet with many important Tourist highlights located in the Shigatse Region. 

Shigatse is located around 280km from Lhasa towards the South, around 90km from Gyantse. They are three ways to get to Shigatse. 

1. Fight

The Flight will take around less than an hour. 

2. Train

The Train will take around 2 hours.

3. Overland 

The vehicle will take around 4-5 hours because of the speed limit along the way. 

Many important sights are located in the Shigatse Region. 

1. Mount Everest North and East Face Base Camp

Mount Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular travel destinations in Tibet. Mount Everest East and North Face Base Camp are both located in Tingri County.

Mount Everest is located around 340km from Shigatse and around 620km from Lhasa. The elevation of Mount Everest base camp is 5200M, Tibet Travelers arranges many different types of tours to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Photo: Mount Everest 

2. Tashilhunpo Monastery

Tashilhunpo monastery beautifies Shigatse. The huge statue of future Buddha Maitreya is the main shrine in the Tashilhunpo monastery. One of the largest Gelug school monasteries in Tibet. 

3. Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk monastery is one of the highest-located monasteries in the world with an elevation of 5100M Rongbuk monastery is situated at the Mount Everest base camp.

4. Gyantse Palkor Chode, Kumbum Stupa, and Dzong or fort

Gyantse is one of the most beautiful towns in Tibet. Kumbum Stupa and Palkor chode monastery are located in the center of the town.

Kumbum Stupa has nine floors and 100 thousand images of Buddhas. They are painting walls inside the Kumbum Stupa, which cannot be seen in other Stupas. Dzong was built for the King of Gyantse, it was reconstructed a few years ago.

5. Yamdrok Lake and Karo la Glacier

Yamdrok Lake is situated around 90km from Lhasa. The color of the Lake is very blue like Turquoise. 

Karo La Glacier is located around 2 hours from Yamdrok Lake. Karo La Glacier is a great place for a short hike.

6. Kyirong Tibet Nepal Border and Phikutso Lake 

Kyirong Border was opened in August 2017, which is great news for all Travelers who are planning to travel to Nepal overland.  

Phikutso Lake can be seen on the way to Kyirong, this is the lake where Great Yogi Milarepa used to meditate during the 11th Century.

7. Sakya Monastery and Phuntsokling Monastery

Sakya Monastery and Phuntsoling Monastery are located around 150km from Shigatse. Sakya is the main monastery of Sakyapa school in Tibetan Buddhism, Sakya is rich in Spiritual.

Phuntsokling is another beautiful monastery located near Thokmon town.

Photo: Tidrum Nunnery Hot Spring 

8. Lhatse Hot Spring and Sheger Lolo Hot Spring

They are many hot springs located in the Shigatse region. Two famous are Lhatse hot spring and Lolo Hot Spring. Lhatse Hot Spring is located around 10km from Lhatse town and Lolo hot spring is located around 5km from New Tingri (Pelber) They are mostly no tourists, locals prefer to visit here often.

9. Ralung Monastery and Samding Nunnery

Ralung is one of the biggest monasteries of Drukpa Kagyu school. It is located around 20km from Karo la Glacier. Many great Tibetan Yogis are from the Ralung monastery.

Samding Nunnery is located around 15km from Nagartse. It is one of the most important nunneries in Tibet. First Samding Guru Dorje Phakmo was from here, legend says that she never sleeps, even during the night, she stays in a meditation position. 

10. Tingri ( New Tingri and Old Tingri ) 

They are two Tingris, old Tingri and new Tingri. Old Tingri looks similar to the nature of American cowboy movies. The view of Mount Everest and Mount Cho Ou Yo from old Tingri is stunning. 

Thank you for reading our articles on Shigatse, they are still many important sightseeings inside Shigatse Region. We will share more information in future articles. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jun 27, 2023


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