Smallest Size Group Tour In Tibet


Bigger the size of Group Tour means Bigger the profit for Travel Agency, but that doesn't play the role of Bigger the comfort for Travelers.

Travelers' comfort will be the number one mission of Tibet Travelers, so we focus on the Smallest Group Tour in Tibet. 

In today's article, we would like to share the 7 benefits of the smaller group tour.

7 Benefits of the Smaller Group Tour 

1. When the size of the group is small, the focus of the travel agency and Tour Guide who plays the most significant role for the comfort of the Travelers will be on each Traveler in the group.

2. When the group tour is smaller in size, the journey becomes more flexible because of the fewer number of Travelers. Flexibility is one of the essential words Travelers love when they travel in Tibet. 

3. Tibet Travelers arranges a six-seat minibus for less than 4 Travelers, so there is more space for the comfort of Travelers. Traveling 5-7 hours per day in a vehicle with a small space or big bus sometimes destroys the whole value of the tour. 

4. Even though all the Travelers who are traveling to Tibet are nice and friendly but since Travelers have an age difference, hobbies difference and habits difference so when we used to arrange a bigger group tour, we have complained from some Travelers that someone in the group is destroying their happy trip, when the group is smaller in size, they are fewer chances to happen problem like this so this is one of the main reason Tibet Travelers had focused on the smallest group tour in Tibet.

5. When the Tour Guide is explaining about the sightseeing, it is much easier to understand everything when the group is smaller. The bigger group sometimes won't even know the names of the tour where you have visited. Since Tibet Travelers believe that traveling to Tibet is lots of time and money, and far away from your home and to visit again is difficult so if Travelers go home without knowing anything about Tibet will be sad.

Photo: Gyantse Palkor Chode Monastery

6. Flexible in changing hotels, restaurants,  and sightseeing when the group is smaller.  It is also easier to discuss the itinerary and suggestions with a Travel agency, Tour Guide, and also with the other Travelers in the group to make the tour better.

7. Travel agency that doesn't focus on big size means they don't only focus on big money, they focus on Travelers' comfort, and this should be one of the biggest missions of every Travel agency.

Tibet Travelers Smallest Group Tour is perfect for Solo Travelers, Couples, Friends, and Family Travelers since Tibet Travelers arranges one of the most comfortable Group Tours in Tibet. Join Tibet Travelers Group Tour today via sending us an Email at

Written By :Tenzin

Jan 30, 2018


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