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This is happening everywhere in our world.

Modern technology advances, everywhere in our world is developing. 

This is a good thing for getting people closer to each other and making life easier for the local people.

They are a few things from the past which always bring good memories even after 14-15 years.      

 I would like to share my motorbike ride at Mount Everest North Face base camp region to New Tingri with a 100KM ride through the high pass  Geu la (5200M) in a rainy season during 2003 with a traveler from Europe, because of the rainy season, motorbike got slipped 2 times on the way, the road was unpaved and bumpy, it was freezing cold because of the weather. Still, such memories are once in a lifetime.

Another experience was when I spend 8 months at Mount Everest North face base camp in our family Yak hair tea tent, I haven't got a chance to listen to my favorite western music for almost 8 months, no internet, no computer, no television, not even good electricity and at that time, I used to feel that I was very unlucky and unhappy but nowadays such memories are again once in a lifetime experience and such memories are one of the most chosen stories of life when we share something with someone after 10-15 years, we will love to share it since it has something special in it. Nowadays the road is paved 4km before the Mount Everest North face base camp, there are even 3G and wifi near my hometown and very good electricity, which is making the life of local people much easier. 

Another story is when I went to Mount Kailash (Kang Rinpoche in Tibetan)  5 times during 2005 as a tour guide, I still remember the time when I was a Tour Guide with five other different national Travelers including German, Isreal, British and Spain, our vehicle tire got flat 8 times. I had prayed in the vehicle to my precious Maha Guru Rinpoche since it was March and no other tourist so if we get stuck, it will be for days, the main problem is we don't have enough food with us, they were no villages or not even a shepherd nearby.

When I was chanting in front of the front seat with the German Traveler who was watching me peacefully. He and a few other Travelers were amazed that the tire got flat finally when we reached the Guesthouse in Saga town after a 200km drive.

I completely believe that my prayers have been answered, for that, I would like to Thank Maha Guru Rinpoche for the great blessings. 

Now the road to Mount Kailash is paved and it is making the life of local people much easier, still, those were one the special stories I can share with the world nowadays with lots of good memories.

With the above stories being shared by Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup, Tibet Travelers would like to welcome all the Travelers around the world to travel to Tibet now. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jun 10, 2017


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