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Tibet Travelers always focus on helping the local Tibetan people. Today we would like to announce our Tibet Travelers help project to the highest school in the world. 

According to our research, we have found that the highest school in the world is located in Pasum village.  Pasum is the village before Mount Everest's north face base camp. Pasum is the present village of Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup. Located around 40km from the Mount Everest north face base camp.

Education is the key to have happiness in life. Knowledge helps us to see the bigger picture. I have never thought that someone like me born in a remote area in Tibet can have a smooth life in the center of Tibet in Lhasa. 

When I recall the cause of my life in Lhasa, it is all because of education. My precious father and mother, send me to school and now because of English, I can have a great job in Lhasa so I would like to focus the same on students in our village via donating them with books and clothes. 

This October Tibet Travelers will partner with our main company Tibet Kailash trip services and start this beautiful project.

My mother and my brother are still living in Pasum village. From Pasum we can see the summit of Mount Everest. Pasum is located at an altitude of around 4500 meters. 

Pasum is a great place to stay a night for Travelers traveling to Mount Everest and bit worried about the altitude of Mount Everest 5200 meters. They are 2 small local Tibetan hotels in Pasum. There is no private bathroom and no shower but this small village is worth to spent a night. 

Photo: Local Tibetan from Tingri


The reason behind the success of Tibet Travelers is always because of helping the local Tibetans. We would like to thank all the Travelers who have chosen Tibet Travelers for your travel agent to Tibet. Because of your support we are able to do this project to help the students at the highest school in the world. 

Tibet Travelers also focuses on supporting the monks on high altitudes so Thanks to all the Travelers for choosing Tibet Travelers and making our project a dream come true. 

This small primary school is located on the west side of the Pasum village near the mountain.  In the middle of the mountain, there is the monastery of the Pasum. Tibet Travelers will share the updates with photos in our article in October when we will visit the Pasum village school.  

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article on supporting the local Tibetan school at Pasum village, one of the highest schools in the world. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Aug 12, 2018


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