Tashizom བཀྲ་ཤིས་འཛོམ་ཤང་ 扎西宗乡 meaning "Auspicious Gathering " is situated at an elevation of 4300 meters in Tingri County. Tashizom to Lhasa is 590km, Shigatse is around 290km, and the Mount Everest base camp is approximately 40km. 

Mount Everest Eco Tour Bus Base 

To protect the environment of Mount Everest National Park, a non-pollution Eco Tour Bus base is constructed at Tashizom town. Travelers have to change the travel agency vehicle to the Eco Bus from Tashizom village to the Mount Everest base camp. 

Nearby Tashizom 

  1. Trek to Kangshung Valley
  2. Mount Everest North Face 
  3. Rongbuk Monastery 
  4. Mount Everest Eco Tour Bus Base
  5. Tashizom Primary School
  6. Tashizom local Hospital 
  7. Pasum Town
  8. Drato Monastery & Meditation Cave of Yogi Shiwawo
  9. Tingri 
  10. Gawula Pass

Photo: Eco Bus ride to the Mount Everest base camp

One of the best treks to see the hidden beauties of Tibet is the 20 Day trek to Kangshung Valley. The route to the trek starts at Tashizom.  Mount Everest base camp and Rongbuk monastery is 40km from Tashizom. 

Tashizom is the largest town near Mount Everest so the largest primary school and hospital is situated at Tashizom. Pasum town is 10km from Tashizom, another great place to stay for a night to acclimatize to the altitude. 

Drato is a local Monastery near Tashizom, there is a precious statue of the female Buddha Tara, the statue is known to be spoken to some fortunate ones. The meditation cave of Milarepa's disciple Shiwawo is situated 20km from Tashizom at the summit of the mountain.

Tashizom is one of the larger towns of Tingri County.  The Gawula Pass viewpoint of 5 mountains above 8000m is 20km from Tashizom.

Accommodations and Foods

They are many local guesthouses providing basic rooms and beds. One of the best hotels in Tashizom is the Phuntsok Kangsang Hotel. The hotel provides a private bathroom and hot warm shower but the price is quite high.

Photo: Phuntsok Kangsang Hotel at Tashizom

Tashizom is a good place to stop for Lunch. They are many local and a few Chinese restaurants in Tashizom. 


The non-Pollution Eco Bus base at Tashizom helps to support the local business at Tashizom and also helps to protect the environment of Mount Everest. 

Tashizom is the largest town near Mount Everest. Also the home of my elder sister and elder brother. Tashizom is the town I spent my childhood.

Tashizom is also an important town for Travelers traveling to Mount Everest. Email us about traveling to Tashizom. ( The feet of Mount Everest ) info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

Jun 26, 2023


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