Tenzin Blind Massage in Lhasa


One of the oldest Blind Massage in Tibet is the Tenzin Blind Massage. 

I am very happy to write an article about Tenzin Blind Massage since I have taken Travelers at here and they love it, another reason is at least if we can do something towards handicapped people, it is one of the best deeds we can do for our self. 

Tenzin Blind Massage is a group of Tibetans who came from remote areas in Tibet and they gather in Lhasa as a family helping each other.

It is quite difficult for someone from remote areas in Tibet to find a good job unless you have a good education and for handicapped people, there is no need to say how difficult it is for them but good news that many years ago, they have got the massage training from an expert for many years.

Another good news, they have found a small place to share their knowledge of massage via charging some amount for their living.

For all the Travelers, it is a great way to help handicapped people while traveling in Tibet. 

Travelers money went to a right place and also they are very good at massage.

Tenzin Blind Massage is located on the second floor at the Dangayling road, opposite of one of the oldest tea house in Lhasa ( Box tea house - Gam Chung Sa Kang in Tibetan)  

From the Dangayling road, Travelers can see the sign of Tenzin Blind Massage.

Nowadays they are quite many Blind massage centers in Tibet encouraging each other and Travelers are their inspiration since some of them had learned English. They love chatting with the Travelers to improve their English and one of the good news is they are very strong and that is quite good for Travelers who are tried after many hours in flight or train to Tibet. 

They charge around 200 RMB per 1 hour and 10 minutes for Travelers, sometimes they will also do a free massage for few more minutes and I ask one massage guy about it and he said they came from so far so I love doing something extra for them. That really touched my heart so I highly recommend Travelers to do a massage in Tibet at the Blind massage centers. They are quite a few near the Jhokang Temple area and Dangayling road. 

They also do the foot wash with Tibetan medicine. They are 70 percent boys and 30 percent girls. Good news is their group is growing and one of the reason is the kindness of the Travelers. 

Sometimes I have Travelers who ask me directly about the handicapped blind massage and my respect towards them grows since kindness heart is the source of happiness as taught to us by our ancestors.

Beauties of Namtso Lake 

Even though they can't see the beautiful world but when you chat with them, you can feel how beautiful their mind.

When you chat, you can feel that they have no any thoughts of hurting someone, all they have in mind is about how to improve English, how to help others and it is a very precious mind. 

Once I met one of them on the way to home, he was alone on the bus and I have found that he was very frank, I start chatting with him, he told me that he is going home but the bus was not going exactly near his home.

He has to walk around 500 meters and I was very happy that I did one good thing that day via taking him to his home. He thanked me but actually I was happier that I did something for my self. 


I would highly recommend Travelers to do visit the handicapped blind center even though you are not a massage lover, just to chat with them and I am sure they will be delighted for your kindness. 

Tibet Travelers will do best to share more information on social responsibility related articles in future articles.

Travelers can also leave comments for us to improve since we really love improving and also we love to know more about Travelers feeling towards our article. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 11, 2018


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