The Land of Snows


In the land of snows, a great friend Jamin, also known as Lobsang, is an American, he had spent more than 1 and half decades in Tibet. The reason for calling him American Tibetan is he loves everything about Tibet and his respect for Tibetan culture and he helped many young Tibetan Nomads children via teaching them free English, many of them are now Tour Guides and doing well.  

He also helped many local Tibetan travel agencies by giving them recommendations and teaching them about marketing sales, always ready to teach anything he knows as long as we local Tibetan travel agencies are ready to learn.

For me, he is like a brother, he might be born as an American in this life but I kind of believe that in a past life or some, he is definitely Tibetan. The reason, once again, he loves everything about Tibet, including the Tibetan Yak. There is one very beautiful quality of him, he loves helping others, especially the local people, because he takes preserving the local culture a very serious matter and he is true, we need to preserve the beautiful local culture so future generations can enjoy, that is one of the most important reasons he only recommends the local business, if someone asks him about Chengdu, he will definitely recommend them, local people at Chengdu but when it comes to Tibet, he only recommend Tibetans, which helps to let local Tibetans like me and many others have a life working with travelers, which is a great work and beautiful language and culture is there, tourism work is a work where we can learn a lot from the beautiful people around the world. He is also travel expertise in many regions in Asia, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and Ladakh. Listed number 1 travel adviser in many of the lonely planet editions. visiting his website, travelers will understand his deep knowledge about these regions and he is also a professional photographer, travelers can enjoy his photos and travel information on his website.

Jamin shares the exact and true free travel advice and information to any traveler. He speaks Amdo and Kham dialects and understands almost all the Lhasa dialects. 

He also travels to Tibet around 2-3 times each year which you can also join to travel together. Traveling to Tibet with a Guide like him is once in a lifetime experience. Thank you for reading our article on our American Tibetan friend Jamin Lobsang. 

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 07, 2017


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