The Tibetan Travelers

Travelers are the smartest, it shows that they are not going to sit whole life at once place with things provided around them. They believe something greater is there so they travel to seek and that makes them special. 

Today's article is about Tibetan Travelers so let's start with the first Tibetan Travelers which is in the 7th Century. 

The first Tibetan Travelers journey was arranged by the 33rd King Srongtsen Gampo. The first Tibetan Travelers was Thunmi Sambota, who bought the Tibetan alphabet letters root from India and because of his great deeds, he is remembered even in the 21st century as one of the greatest Tibetan Travelers.

These great Tibetan Travelers who had collected gold in Tibet and went to India to bring the precious Buddha Dharma to Tibet via walking thousands and thousands of kilometers through many high mountains. 

At the beginning of the journey, everyone is traveling for their own good but slowly because of this great determination, Travelers start to travel for the benefits of other sentient beings and this makes them greater with the wider path.

The same thing happened even two centuries before Tibet in Tang in China. The great monk Xuanzang has traveled to India around the 5th -6th century, walking thousands and thousands of kilometer to bring the precious Buddha Dharma to China. Nowadays because of this great deed, he is remembered as a hero in China.

Many of these great Travelers are not satisfied with eat, work, sleep routine. They wanted to experience something beyond for them self and also for others so for that they travel and traveling makes them greater. 

In the 8th - 9th Century, Tibetan Travelers has started to travel India, Nepal, China and some have also traveled to modern-day Muslim countries. 

Photo: Namtso Lake

One of the most famous Travelers was Jetsun Marpa, who sold everything he owned in Tibet, changing them into gold and travel months and months to India, offering those gold to the great teachers and bringing the precious wisdom to Tibet and sharing them with the Tibetans.

Nowadays Jetsun Marpa is remembered in many Tibetans heart as one of the wisest Tibetans and few other great Tibetan Travelers known as Lotsawa ( The Translator ) young modern Tibetan Travelers love them and they became our inspiration, we rejoice remembering them.

Nowadays they are many South and North American Travelers, European Travelers, Asian Travelers, African Travelers, and Australian Travelers to Tibet becoming Tibet Travelers.

We would like to Thank you all for choosing Tibet as your Travel destination. We pray that the beauties of Nature in Tibet and wisdom of the Buddhism in Tibet gives you much more energy to travel and find your true happiness.

Thank you for reading our article about the Tibetan Travelers, we will do best to share more Tibetan Travelers stories in future articles.

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