Tibet is the home of water


Where there is water, there is a life. 

Water is the most important source for the survival of all living beings. 

High mountains giving birth to clean rivers has let Tibet become the home of water. 

That is the reason during the 11th Century, great Indian Maha Siddha Jetsun Atisha has shared Tibetans the knowledge of making merit via offering waters to Buddha's and Bodhisattvas.

This is one of the best ways to acquire merit since Tibet is the home of water so when offering the water, Tibetans won't have the feeling of wanting something in return. 

Most of the time when we offer or give something to others, there is this expecting of wanting something from others like a smile or Thank you and according to Mahayana Buddhism, the expectation is the source of destroying the good merit we have done.

Mahayana Buddhism teaches that we should offer without even waiting for Thank you or a smile from that person, offer without expectations.

Nowadays every morning many Tibetans will practice the water offering to acquire merit. 

Tibet is also known as Snowland, these beautiful snow mountains are the source of clean fresh water.

One of the most important mountains in southern Tibet for the source of water is Mount Everest.

Mount Everest Region is my Hometown

Few other important mountains are Mount Lhotse, Mount Cho Ou yo and Mount Makalu, and many others to give a name in detail.

Western Tibet is also one of the important sources of water in Tibet.

Mount Kailash and Mount Gurla Mandala are some of the sources of these beautiful clean freshwater rivers. 

Mount Kailash is the most Desired destination

They are 4 important rivers coming from western Tibet to central Tibet and towards the oceans of our world. 

1. River coming from Peacocks Mouth

2. River coming from Lions Mouth

3. River coming from Elephants Mouth

4. River coming from Horse Mouth

These rivers are the source of fresh clean water.

As there is a saying, if there is smoke, there is a fire so if there is a river, there is a lake so Tibet is the home of water means Tibet is the home of the lakes.

One of the beautiful cultures comes from our Tibetan ancestors, we believe that Lakes and Mountains are gods and goddesses. This beautiful culture helps us to respect the water and protect the river. That is also one of the reasons, Tibetans normally don't swim in the Lakes. 

For Tibetans, it is okay to drink the tap and river water directly but for Travelers, we recommend drinking the boiling water. 

Photo: Beauties of Eastern Tibet Nyingchi 

They are also many cold and hot springs in Tibet, which are one of the blessings of Maha Siddhas.

Most of these cold and hot springs are near the monasteries.  

One of the best hot springs in Tibet is at Tidrum nunnery. Travelers read Tibet Travelers another article what we can do near Tidrum nunnery

There are cold springs near the Rongbuk Monastery, Sera Monastery, Drigung Monastery, and a few other monasteries.

Many of these cold springs are very good for people who have stomach digestion problems.


We recommend Travelers to travel to Tibet, the home of water, and have a taste of the clean fresh water coming straight from the Glacier.

Water is the best blessings of Mother Earth. Let us love water and save the water as much as we can so future generations can also enjoy the fresh clean water.

I feel blessed that I was born and living in Tibet, the home of water, which is the source of happiness. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 06, 2018


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