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There is one region in our world where we can still witness the clear blue sky, fresh cool air, a sky full of stars and milky ways, white snow mountains, vast grassland where animals wander, peaceful rivers and lakes, cold wind, and warm sun, nomads, and farmers who worship nature, where roof our world is located, some call it Shambhala, some call it Himalaya, some call it Land of snows, some call it Bhod, some call it Xizang, that is the place where our home is located, it is known as Tibet and Tibet is Yet to Explore. 

Before starting this romantic article, we would like to thank all the Travelers who have visited our website and shown love. 

The reason why Tibet is Yet to Explore, Tibet is quite far from many Western and Asian countries, another reason is Tibet is surrounded by snow mountains and it is not easy to access from all the neighboring regions, now the year 2018 is started and Tibet is becoming easier to access every year and Tibet Travelers urge Travelers to visit Tibet asap.

Three reasons to travel to Tibet 

1. One of the most important reasons is, everywhere in our world is developing now. Before when I used to be Tour Guide in the Year 2004, most of the roads are bumpy and not paved but there is lots of fun. I am not saying the newly paved road is bad, it is giving lots of benefits for locals to access but sometimes most of the fun happens when you go a bit out of the soft zone and that's what I mean.

2. Many Travelers would love to see someplace where few tourist visits or where only locals are but slowly this is quite hard to happen every year since developing regions becomes more peoples choice and more people visit so we urge Travelers to travel Tibet asap to still witness areas where only locals are and that's also one of the main aims of Tibet Travelers to our Travelers.

3. Good news is Tibet is open for Travelers in the year 2018 starting from April 1st, according to Tibet Travel Permit regulation 2017, no need for the minimum requirements for people to issue the Tibet Travel Permit. Many regions in Tibet are now open for Travelers to travel. Travelers can travel Tibet in Private Tour, Group Tour or Customized Tour so they are lots of great options and we urge Travelers to travel before Permit situation changes. 

Three popular travel destinations in Tibet

1. Mount Everest North Face and East Face

One of the most highlight sightseeing in Tibet is Mount Everest, 8848M known in Tibetan as Chomolungma, which is the tallest mountain on our planet Earth.  

Travelers prefer to do a tour in Tibet, we recommend traveling to the north face base camp of Mount Everest.

for Travelers who prefer to do a trek in Tibet, we recommend trekking to the East Face of Mount Everest Kharta Chutang Gama valley and trek to advance base camp of Mount Everest.

2. Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash is a great recommendation for both Spiritual and Materialism lovers.

Spiritual lovers, Mount Kailash is one of the holiest mountains in our world to many religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon, and Jain. 

For Materialism lovers, after spending many weeks in office, it is a great adventure to trek 52Km with the highest altitude 5400M Dromala pass, birds singing and running rivers will make our mind naturally peaceful so we urge Travelers to travel Mount Kailash.

3. Namtso Lake

For the Travelers who love to see sunrise, sunset, and stars at night.

Travelers who love grassland and nomads, mountains, and lake, we highly recommend traveling to Namtso Lake is a perfect destination to witness these beauties.

Three special travel destinations in Tibet 

1. Tidrum nunnery hot spring 

I have seen many hot springs in Tibet but there is one hot spring that I love the most is Tidrum nunnery hot spring. 

The water from the hot spring is coming directly under the rocks changing to new hot water all the time so it is very clean. Travelers can also read another article on hot springs in Tibet.

2. Draksum Lake

Draksum Lake is located in the eastern Tibet Nyingchi at an elevation of 3, 000 m

 Draksum Lake is rich in nature, surrounded by green forests, and mountains.

There is a small monastery located on the Tashi island at the Lake.

Eastern Tibet Nyingchi Prefecture is rich in nature.

Beauties of Guge Kingdom

3. Tsanda or Tada

Tsanda is also known as Tada. Located in western Tibet near the Ngari Gar city.

Tada is famous for the ruins of one of the last Kingdoms in Tibet the Guge Kingdom. Travelers can also visit the Toling monastery for authentic wall paintings.

Another reason is for Travelers who love to travel to Ladakh, we also recommend traveling to Tsanda since it's the border town near Ladakh.

The nature of these two regions has lots of similarities.

In history, once our world was an ocean, looking at Tsanda, we can feel this truth.

Tada is one of the main sightseeing in the western Tibet Ngari Prefecture.

Western Tibet is the home to many important mountains, lakes, and rivers in the Tibet Autonomous Region.


Tibet is the home of nature, stunning white snow mountains giving birth to glaciers, lakes, and rivers. 

Tibet is also the home of Buddhism where many great Yogis have left footprints. 

Travel Tibet and witness hear beauty with Tibet Travelers. Email us about your journey to Tibet.  info@tibettravelers.com

Written By :Tenzin

Jan 11, 2018


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