Tibet safe for Solo female travelers?


Many female solo travelers are traveling into Tibet, this blog is about how safe is Tibet for solo female travelers. Tibet Travelers happy to share some information on Solo female travelers to Tibet.




Tibet is one of the safest places in Asia to travel. Especially for women, there was never a news of harassment for a woman in Tibet. One of the main reason is Tibetans believe in Buddhism, which has a deep respect of equal for a woman. Women are taken very precious in Buddhism, even the highest teachings of Buddha Prajnaparamita, Perfect wisdom in Tibetan is called Yum Chen Mo. Yum means Mother, Chenmo mean Great.Even in Samsaric way, Sun is known as Female and Moon is known as Male. 


Another safety reason is, there are small security office in around every 1-2km


Final safety reason is, Tibet has many women as compared to men. 1 man is equal to 3 women in Tibet.


Things to be Mindful


Even though Tibet is very safe to travel but still please be mindful of wearing long pants and shirts on the street and especially in the monasteries.
Not to travel after 9 pm alone, if you need help please ask the tour guide to travel with you. 
These are the few important tips to travel solo in Tibet for female travelers. Tibet is very safe to travel, Email us today for your journey to Tibet. [email protected]

Written By :Tenzin

Jun 29, 2017


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