Tibet sightseeing entrance fees update


All the sightseeing in Tibet including the monasteries charges Entrance fees to preserve the sightseeing. Every year few of the sightseeing entrance fees price is changing so Tibet Travelers would like to update the Entrance fees in Tibet.


In Lhasa, They are many important monasteries and stunning Potala Palace. Below Tibet Travelers will share the Entrance fees for sightseeing in Lhasa.

1. Potala Palace: 100RMB per person in the off-season from November till April / 200RMB per person in on-season from May until October  

2. Jhokang Temple: 85RMB per person 

3. Sera monastery: 50RMB per person

4. Drepung monastery: 60RMB per person

5. Ramoche Temple: 25RMB per person

6. Ani Tsenkung: 40RMB per person

7. Norbulingka Palace: 60RMB per person

8. Namtso Lake: 120RMB per person

9. Yangpachen hot spring: 120RMB per person

10. Drak yerba meditation cave: 30RMB per person

11. Ganden monastery: 50RMB per person 

12. Tidrum nunnery: 30RMB per person 

13. Drigung monastery: 45RMB per person

14. Reting monastery: 45RMB per person 


1. Yamdrok Lake: 40RMB per person

2. Karo la Glacier: 50RMB per person 

3. Kumbum stupa and Palkor chode monastery: 60RMB per person

4. Gyantse Dzong: 40RMB per person

5. Tashilhunpo monastery: 100RMB per person

6. Sakya monastery: 60RMB per person

7. Rongbuk monastery: 30RMB per person 

8. Mount Everest Base Camp: 180RMB per person also 180RMB for Tour Guide

9. Mount Everest Base Camp for vehicle: 400RMB per vehicle, more than 10 seat vehicle 600RMB per vehicle 


10. Phikutso Lake: 65RMB per person, 40RMB per vehicle

11. Shishangma Base Camp: 65RMB per person, 40RMB per vehicle

12. Mount Kailash: 150RMB per person 

13. Lake Manasarovar: 150RMB per person

14. Guge Kingdom: 120RMB per person

15. Toling monastery: 80RMB per person

Photo: Beauties of Monastery wall in Tibet


1. Samye monastery: 45RMB per person 

2. Chimpuk meditation cave: 30RMB per person 

3. Yamalung meditation cave: 30RMB per person 

4. Yumbulakang Palace: 30RMB per person 

5. Tradruk Temple: 35RMB per person

6. Kings Tombs: 30RMB per person


1. Draksum lake: 100RMB per person

2. Big tree: 30 RMB per person

3. Lulang green region: 40 RMB per person

These are the Tibet sightseeing entrance fees update on 2018. February 13th 

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Written By :Tenzin

Feb 13, 2018


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