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Today we are in the mid of the Tibet travel season of 2019.

Below are the main points of today's article on early booking Tibet tour discounts.

  1. Our August Group of four Travelers to Mount Kailash
  2. Tibet Safe for Solo Female Travelers
  3. No Mount Everest Recommendation
  4. Quality focus on Tibet Tour from Tibet Travelers
  5. Tibet Tour Discount for early Booking Travelers 

August to September is known as one of the busiest travel seasons in Tibet, but this year it is also starting quite reasonable.

Our August Group of four Travelers to Mount Kailash

Our 2019 August group of four Travelers from South Africa was the only one at Mount Kailash recently. It was a happy moment that they have got to witness the beauties of the holy mountain Kailash alone. We have taken some videos of their trek to Mount Kailash which we have shared above. 

Photo: Our July group of female Travelers from Thailand 

Tibet Safe for Solo Female Travelers

This year we also have female group Travelers from Thailand, and we are proud to share that Tibet is one of the safest places to travel for Female Travelers. 

No Mount Everest Recommendation 

One tour that was loved by Travelers who don't prefer to visit the Mount Everest area will be our 9 Days Yamdrok Lake and Namtso Lake Tour. Recently this tour was chosen by our family Travelers from Canada. Travelers can check their Trip advisor review.

Another recommendation will be our 7 Days tour to Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse, Shigatse, and Yungdrungling Bon monastery

We also have the 9 Days relaxing hot spring and monasteries

Photo: Our Family Travelers from Canada with our special gift to Travelers

Quality focus on Tibet Tour from Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers are always focusing on arranging an excellent tour for Travelers. We offer an attractive salary plus a big bonus for our Tour Guide and a good wage for Tour driver when our Travelers are happy with Tibet tour and leave us a great review.

We also offer flexibility in the hotels, so Travelers always have the option to choose types of preferred hotels. Sleeping is the primary key to having more energy and having a great trip to Tibet. 

Even in the itinerary, we do best to add more sightseeing or hike in the tour without extra cost and try our best to take Travelers to the remote areas where fewer Travelers visit so our Travelers can see the true hidden beauties.

Photo: Our August group to Mount Kailash at Ralung Monastery ( One of our favorite recommendations for not many tourists) 

We also focus on giving our Travelers a valuable gift from Tibet, and above all, do makes our price slide different than other Travel agencies. 

Tibet Tour Discount for early Booking Travelers 

Tibet Travelers is offering a discount for Travelers starting from 2019 August.

  1. Discount 200 USD per person if Travelers book the tour before a year ago.
  2. Discount 100 USD per person if Travelers book the tour six months ago.
  3. Discount 50 USD per person if Travelers book the tour three months ago.
  4. Discount 100 USD per person if more than four people book the tour together.
  5. Discount 50 USD per person if three people book the tour together. 
  6. The biggest discount will be a Private tour, which means we are happy to arrange any tours from our twenty types of 1 to 6 people Tibet group tour as a Private tour for Travelers. 

Photo: Beauties of western Tibet Ngari 

The vast grassland at the northern route with many wild animals and lakes and mountains including the holy Mount Kailash,Lake Manasarovar, Guge Kingdom, and Toling monastery are the highlight for many Travelers. 


Even though a Tibet travel permit can only be obtained one or two months before the trip from the Tibet Tourism office, planning an early tour does have lots of benefits. It helps to get the China visa on time. Also helps to get the lower price flights and discount for Travelers.

Tibet is the favorite travel destination for many Travelers. We have been sharing many stunning Tibet travel photos and videos almost daily on Tibet Travelers Instagram page. We also share almost all the images and videos on Tibet Travelers Facebook 2nd Page

Travel to Tibet and witness the beauties with authentic Tibet travel expert Tibet Travelers via sending us an Email at info@tibettravelers.com or chat us live from the homepage. 

Written By :Tenzin

Aug 19, 2019


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