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After doing some research, Tibet Travelers found that one of the most popular keywords searched for traveling to Tibet is the Tibet Travel.

Some non-local claiming to be local Tibetan Travel Experts are paying 3-4 US Dollar per click.

Since Tibet Travelers focus on white hat SEO keywords, we pride in sharing that we don't spend a single penny on black hat keywords since it is not useful for Travelers. 

To make it easier for all the Travelers who are planning to travel Tibet, previously we have shared the full detail information on Tibet Travel Free Guide for Travelers

After checking the second most popular keywords searched for traveling to Tibet, we have found that another popular keywords, which is costing them 4 US dollar per click are Tibet Tours.

It shows that these two keywords are the main reason behind Travelers getting the information of tourism in Tibet through many search engines. 

These are expensive keywords and Tibet Travelers thought that if we share a free and detail information on these two important keywords, it might help Travelers to travel Tibet easier with lots of choices and also to benefit more local Tibetan people since Majority of people in Tibet are depending on tourism.

What is Tibet Tours?

The word Tours can be categorized in many ways but to make it simple. It can be categorized into Private Tour, Group Tour, and Customized Tour.

What is Private Tour?

When Travelers prefer to travel solo, or with friends or with family or couples or someone Travelers know even before reaching Tibet is known as Private Tour. 

Private Tours from Tibet Travelers

There will be one Tibetan Tour Guide, one Tibetan Tour Driver for a trip outside of Lhasa and no any stranger Travelers in the Private Tour.

What is Group Tour?

When Travelers prefer to travel with strangers from all around the world. Group Tour is best for single Travelers to make new friends. 

Group Tours from Tibet Travelers

There is also a reason to join Tibet Travelers group tour for couples, friends or family since Tibet Travelers offers one of the smallest Group Tour size in Tibet. Our maximum Travelers in the Group Tour is six Travelers.

What is Customized Tour?

Some Travelers have already traveled Tibet before or they have more knowledge about traveling in Tibet so those Travelers who have their own itinerary or who would like to travel Tibet with different itineraries which are not listed in Tibet Travelers website can travel to Tibet as Customized Tour.

Customized Tour from Tibet Travelers

They are so many Tibet Tour itineraries that Tibet Travelers can arrange for Travelers but these Tours are not listed on our website so Travelers can send us Email for more information regarding these itineraries. 

Tibet Travelers happy to help all the way with the suggestions and creating the perfect itinerary for Travelers preferred choice of travel destinations and duration in Tibet. 

Mount Kailash is The Most Desired Destination in Tibet

After explaining all the detail meanings of Tours in Tibet. 

They are two important questions remain to answer.

1. What about Trekking, Camping, Bicycling trip in Tibet?

Tibet Travelers arranges 5-6 different types of Trekking, Camping, and cycling in Tibet.

Most of the Trekking Tours are categorized into Private Tour.

Trekking, Camping, Cycling Tours from Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers also arrange one special Trekking for solo Travelers as a Group Trekking Tour.

11 Day Group Trek from Ganden to Samye Monastery

Trekking in Tibet is a great way to witness the hidden beauties of Tibet.

2. What are the documents required to travel Tibet?

Travelers are not allowed to travel Tibet on your own. Travelers will need a Travel agency for arranging the tours in Tibet and to obtain the important documents required for travel to Tibet. 

Even though Tibet Autonomous Region is a destination border between Nepal, China, India, and Bhutan but only from China and Nepal, Travelers can travel to Tibet. 

To travel to Tibet from China or Nepal, Travelers must require two important documents.

1. China visa

2. Tibet Travel Permit

Both China visa and Tibet Travel Permit can be taken care by Tibet Travelers if Travelers are traveling to Tibet from Nepal. 

How to travel from Nepal to Tibet?

China visa fee cost for US and Canadian citizen is 200 US Dollar Per person.

For other Nationals, China group visa cost 110 US Dollar Per person including the service fees of Tibet Travelers friend agency in Nepal. 

If Travelers are planning to travel Tibet from China, Travelers should issue the China visa at the Chinese Embassy in one of the biggest cities in your home country. 

Tibet Travelers shares how to travel Tibet from around 14 different Nations on our website.

How to travel Tibet?

Traveling to Tibet requires Tibet Travel Permit.

To obtain the Tibet Travel Permit from Tourism office in Lhasa, normally it takes around 10-20 Days depends on the Travelers traveling destinations in Tibet.

Tibet Travelers recommend advance booking tour around 20-30 days to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit on time from the Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa.


1. Tibet Tours can be categories simply into 

Private Tour, Group Tour and Customized Tour.

2. They are two important documents required to travel Tibet.

China visa and Tibet Travel Permit.

May this information on Tibet Tours be useful for all the Travelers who are planning a tour to Tibet.

Travelers can also leave a comment for suggestions since Tibet Travelers love improving.

For other information regarding traveling to Tibet or booking a tour to Tibet. Email Tibet Travelers info@tibettravelers.com


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