Tibet Tours no hidden cost & no Shopping

Tibet Tours no hidden cost & no Shopping

One thing that might ruin the Tibet trip for travelers is the hidden cost.

When there is a hidden cost, it shows there might be more to come and that the Travel agency only sees money and doesn't care for Travelers.

Even though everyone is working for the money, trust always comes first. No money might stop Travelers from traveling, but no trust will give Travelers the feeling that it would have been good if they hadn't traveled here, and that is an even worse feeling than travel, so Tibet Travelers focus on no hidden cost. 

There is no Hidden Cost in our Tibet Travel. 

For all the tours arranged by Tibet Travelers, there is no single hidden cost to ruin the feeling of Travelers while traveling in Tibet.

No Shopping Tibet Tours 

Tibet travelers always focus on something other than shopping on trips. It shortens the travel duration of travelers since running towards entering more shops will ruin their enjoyment of the journey. Hence, Tibet Travelers focus on tours with no shopping.


Even in any relationship, earning money or materials is easy, but gaining trust is difficult. Once a Traveler has trusted me, breaking that trust by cheating is like one of the shameless deeds I feel. 

Tibet Travelers is a local Tibetan Travel agency based in Lhasa, Tibet, with 15 years of Tibetan travel experience. 

We highly value all the Travelers traveling with us by meeting at the beginning & also at the end of the trip to make sure our Travelers have a great time in Tibet. Please feel free to contact us today for your journey to Tibet. info@tibettravelers.com

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 01, 2023


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