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Review by The Hermit from Trip Advisor

Traveling with a 73-year-old very nervous mother, my daughter had to research numerous websites to ease my worries on this trip to Tibet.

When we finally decided on Tibet Travellers, no myriad of questions was too much or too trivial for its owner, Tenzin Dhondup. He was as efficient and swift to respond as he was patient, kind, and helpful. He very quickly put our minds at ease. He met us at the start of the journey to ensure that we understood all our options as well as at the end to confirm that we were indeed happy and satisfied with our trip. He also assigned to us the two best guides (Grace) and driver (another Tenzin) in town and kept in constant communication with them to make sure that everything was continually in good order.

Grace is Tibetan but is also extremely proficient in English and Mandarin. She is super alert, fast to react, and a great problem solver. She is so competent and well-organized that we left everything in her capable hands and simply relaxed and enjoyed ourselves throughout the incredibly scenic and beautiful journey. Through Grace’s connections, we were able to visit some Tibetans in their humble houses and learned a little of their ways of life which was exactly what we were looking forward to doing. We walked the kora with them and even hiked up to the nunnery in the Lhasa Mountains. Grace constantly minded me as if I were her mother, and her genuine compassion for mankind moved me. My daughter and I were indeed in the best care of the best guide we have ever met in our many travels across the world.

Tenzin the driver seems to have been the centre of praise in every group he has driven and we gladly add our commendation to the fact that he is indeed the safest and most skilled driver one can ever find in Tibet. He is by nature a shy person, but is always extremely kind and helpful and never fails to be there when you need him. If and when he opens up, he can also be a lot of fun.

My daughter and I were truly blessed with wonderful weather, the best guide, the best driver, and the best travel agent in our ten-day private tour of Tibet. The two white scarves of blessing and the two beautifully hand-painted Tibetan art drawings will be constant reminders of our most memorable trip to the roof of the world!

Review by Anthony from Trip Advisor

Tenzin is professional in handling my last-minute knock on his door. He answered my endless questions with precision, speed, and truthfulness such that I committed to his private tour immediately.

I was about to take refuge in Tibetan Buddhism. He took me to sacred places in all 4 major lineages and I could feel the blessing in my crown chakra during those visits. When the environment was not up to my standard, he would go all his way to find the hotel people to fix them and he made himself available even late at night.  

He can be a good friend without losing the professionalism of the service part. This is not an ordinary trip for me. It was very difficult because of the weather and geographical conditions and the food but Tenzin and the Driver both made it nice.

One more thing, Tenzin doesn\\\'t waste time beating around the bush. His communication is quite Americanized in that regard and it fits my education history perfectly. I am glad that we still keep in touch and he would do prayers for my well-being. I don\\\'t know what more one can ask for from a guide like this. Thank you, Tenzin

Written By :Tenzin

Jun 17, 2023


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