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As there is a saying, sometimes happiness is a destination. Tibet is one of the destinations where Travelers never regret traveling.

Many previous Travelers says they don't want to go home, we would like to thank them for loving Tibet Beauties.

Even though Tibet might be far from your hometown via the distance of kilometers but Travelers should never worry since humans have already reached the moon so Tibet is not far.

They are more than 3000 thousand Travel agencies with the website claiming to be Tibet Travel Expert without even spending a year in Tibet.

They are good at SEO but they lack Tibet tourism experience so many times because providing different information will be making traveling to Tibet complicated for Travelers. 

News agencies even wrote don't visit Tibet since they need news.

Most of the outsider wants to be the highlight so they become popular and they make money naturally so we won't blame them.

We feel bad when outsider agencies lacking Tibet tourism experience are making bigger benefits of tourism in Tibet than the local Tibetans even while sharing unreliable Tibet travel information.

The majority of the people in Tibet are depending on Tourism and Tourism plays the biggest role in the improvement life of local people. 

Tibet Travelers want to make it as easy as possible for providing all the important information about traveling to Tibet for all the Tibet Travelers.

The 10 step by step ways to travel to Tibet

  1. Plan the trip to Tibet around a month in advance or even earlier.
  2. Choose a tour to Tibet with a detailed itinerary and price send from the travel agencies. 
  3. Prepare the documents required to travel to Tibet. Passport scan and China visa scan. 
  4. Advance booking tour to Tibet around 20-30 days. It's better to book the Tour even earlier so Travelers can get the China visa on time since obtaining a China visa also takes around a week time. 
  5. Buy the international flights to China or Nepal by yourself.
  6. Buying the flights or train to Tibet by yourself or with the Tibet Travelers via asking the price and comparing the prices.
  7. Pay a deposit of 100 US Dollars via PayPal to Tibet Travelers account. infotibettravelers@gmail.com 
  8. Meet Tibet Travelers Tibetan Tour Guide at Tibet, Lhasa airport, or train station. 
  9. Meeting the Tibet Travelers Manager in Lhasa and paying the rest of the amount.
  10. Enjoy the Tour in Tibet.

Tibet Autonomous Region is located on the roof of our world with an average altitude of 4500 meters.

Many of the highest mountains in our world are located in Tibet including the highest mountain in our world Mount Everest 8848 meters.

Even though Tibet Autonomous Region is a border destination between Nepal, China, India, and Bhutan but only from China and Nepal, Travelers can travel to Tibet. 

How to travel to Tibet from China?

How to travel to Tibet from Nepal?

Travelers are not allowed to travel Tibet on their own. Travelers must need a Travel agency to arrange the trip to Tibet and to obtain the documents required to travel in Tibet.

They are 2 documents Travelers will need to travel in Tibet.

1. China visa

2. Tibet Travel Permit 

After the explanation of two important documents Travelers will need to travel to Tibet.

Tibet Travelers would like to share the 3 steps to plan a tour to Tibet. 

1. Duration and Month of the tour 

2. Destination and Budget of the tour

3. Flights or train to Tibet 

The moment Travelers plan a tour to Tibet, Travelers are checking the flights to Tibet but actually, that is one of the final steps since without confirming the dates and months and budget, it is impossible to buy the exact flights of arrival and departure. 

1. Duration and Month of the tour 

Tibet Travel Permit can be possible to obtain with the help of Travel agency from April 1st to the next years mid-February. 

Travelers must have a Tour Guide in Tibet every day as a rule and regulation from the Tibet Tourism office so we recommend Travelers plan the exact spending duration in Tibet before planning the months.

When is the best month to travel to Tibet?

Spring in Tibet starts from March till May.

Summer in Tibet starts from May to mid-September.

Autumn in Tibet starts from mid-September to the end of October.

Winter in Tibet starts from November to mid-February. 

According to these months, Travelers can plan the month of traveling to Tibet.

2. Destination and Budget of the tour

After the confirmation of spending duration and month of travel in Tibet.  

Travelers should check the destinations in Tibet to Travel.

1. Cities in Tibet

2. Lakes in Tibet

3. Mountains in Tibet

4. 15 Things to do in Tibet

5. Trekking, Camping, Cycling in Tibet

After the confirmation of the destination, Travelers should check the spending budget. There is no exact budget per day. Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to check our Private Tour and Group Tour.

1. Private Tour 

2. Group Tour

3. Lunch and Dinner spending budget

Travelers can also send us Emails for a customized tour of Travelers' preferred itinerary. 

3. Flights or train to Tibet 

After the confirmation of the preferred tour in Tibet. Travelers should check the flights or train to China or Nepal before getting to Tibet. 

Kayak Flights

Fare Compare Flights

Cheap Flights

These are the few flight tickets website suggestions from Tibet Travelers.

Once the flights or train to China and Nepal are confirmed.

Travelers can check the flights, and train to Tibet from China or flights, and overland to Tibet from Nepal on Tibet Travelers website. 

How to buy flight tickets to Tibet?

How to buy train tickets to Tibet?

Travelers who are considering the overland trip from Nepal to Lhasa.

8 days Private Tour from Nepal to Tibet

8 Days Group Tour from Nepal to Tibet

Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to do some trekking in Nepal before traveling overland to Tibet to adjust to the high altitude in Tibet.

Mount Kailash trek in western Tibet is a great trek recommendation.

This is the important information regarding Tibet Travel's free Guide for Travelers. 


1. Documents 

Documents required to travel in Tibet are China visa and Tibet Travel Permit 

2. Duration, Months, Destination, and Budget.

Traveling duration in Tibet.

The month of traveling to Tibet.

Traveling destination in Tibet.

Limit spending Budget in Tibet.

3. Flights or train to China or Nepal

Traveling to China or Nepal from your present destination via flight or train.

Traveling to Tibet from China or Nepal via flight, train, or overland.

These are the step-by-step free traveling Tibet Guide to all the Travelers around the world. 

For Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email local Tibetan Travel Expert at Tibet Travelers.  info@tibettravelers.com

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Feb 24, 2018


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