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Many Travel agencies are making Travelers complicated via giving lots of different and unreliable information on traveling to Tibet.

The reason behind is the lack of experience on Tourism in Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers after having Tibet tourism experience for nearly 15 years, today we would like to make it easy as possible for all the Travelers around the world to travel Tibet via sharing the full information on Tibet Travel Free Planner. 

Tibet is one important destination to travel for both spiritualism and materialism lovers.  

Tibet is the home of nature where stunning snow mountains giving birth to clean rivers and lakes. 

Tibet is the roof of our world where the highest mountains in our world Mount Everest is located at an elevation of 8848m, which is around 29,029 ft

Tibet is the center of Mahayana Buddhism where full of precious Yogis were born to awake the Beings. 

One of the holiest mountain and lake in our world Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are located in Tibet. 

On Tibet Travelers Facts about Tibet, Travelers can read more information on why travel to Tibet? 

Above highlights makes Tibet an important destination to travel but the question still remains. 

How to plan a trip to Tibet?

Planning a trip to Tibet is easy. 

1. The first step is the travel duration, the exact days that you are planning to spend in Tibet.

2. The second step is the travel destination in Tibet, places in Tibet where you are planning to travel. 

3. The third step is the exact month, the month that you are planning on travel to Tibet.

4. The fourth step is the types of tours and budget of the tour, the tour in Tibet that you prefer to travel and your money spending budget for a tour in Tibet.  

5. The fifth step is the documents required to travel in Tibet, the official papers necessary for travel to Tibet.  

1. Travel Duration 

The first thing Travelers have to be aware before traveling to Tibet is the travel duration in Tibet. Tibet is one of the Region where Travelers can only possible to travel with the help of a Travel agency in Tibet so travel duration in Tibet is very important since Tibet Travel Permit will be obtained from the Tibet Tourism Office in Lhasa according to the duration and destinations of the travel in Tibet.

2. Travel Destination / Tour or Trek

After the confirmation of the duration, next step is traveling Tibet on Tours or traveling to Tibet as Treks

Once the Tour or Trek is confirmed. Travelers can choose the destination in Tibet to travel via visiting Tibet Travelers website for more information on Tibet.

Tibet Travelers can also provide the best free suggestion on regarding travel destination to Tibet. 

After choosing the destination in Tibet that Travelers prefer to travel, below Travelers can choose the month of traveling to Tibet. 

Photo: Beautiful Rainbow on the Jhokang Temple in Lhasa 

3. Exact Month of Travel to Tibet

Next easy step is the months of traveling to Tibet.

Traveling season in Tibet starts from April 1st to until around the end of next years January. Spring in Tibet starts from the April until around May.

Summer in Tibet starts from June to mid of September. Autumn in Tibet starts from mid of September to October.

Winter in Tibet starts from November until the next years February.  According to this information, Travelers can plan the months of traveling to Tibet. 

4. Types of Tours: Private Tour, Group Tour or Customized Tour / Budget of the Tour

4th step will be the Budget of the Tour. Tibet Travelers arranges 4 different types of the tours in Tibet. Private Tour, Group Tour or Customized your own Tour, Trekking, camping or cycling tour link shared below.

Private Tour

Group Tour 

Trekking, Camping, and Cycling

Travelers can also choose a Customized Tour

Private Tours will be more expensive than the Group Tours which are listed in Tibet Travelers website. 

Tibet Travelers can also help to arrange Customized Tour at Travelers prefer duration and destinations in Tibet.

For Travelers who are new or first time traveling to Tibet, we highly recommend reading the information provided on the Tibet Travelers website about Tibet.

Once the exact tour itinerary is confirmed, Travelers can send us Email at [email protected] Tibet Travelers will offer the prices for Travelers prefer itinerary.

5. Documents required to travel Tibet / Official Papers 

Once the Tour is confirmed, the final step is the documents required for travel to Tibet. They are only 2 destinations from where Travelers can travel to Tibet.

1. China 

2. Nepal 

Documents required to Travel Tibet

1. China visa and Nepal Group visa

2. Tibet Travel Permit

After sharing information on China visa and Nepal Group visa.

These are the easy step by step ways to plan a trip to Tibet.

We hope this information is useful for all the Travelers who are planning a trip to Tibet.

For Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet, Travelers can send us Email at [email protected]

Written By :Tenzin

Feb 19, 2018


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