Tibet Travel in Winter


Winter in Tibet starts from November to February. There are lots of benefits to traveling Tibet in winter. Firstly, they are very few Western and Asian Travelers to Tibet.

Secondly many local Tibetans are traveling inside Tibet as a pilgrim during winter.

Lhasa, which is one of the biggest city in Tibet will be crowded with local Tibetans from different areas in Tibet, some came for getting blessings from Buddha Shakyamuni, Potala Palace, and important monasteries, others came for shopping for the upcoming Tibetan new year. 

During winter, Mountains in Tibet, which are known as the Palace of Gods, Goddess, and Yogis. These mountains will be wearing white clothes like the great saint. Sometimes everywhere will be white including the rivers.

The price of the hotels, restaurants, travel guides and travel vehicles will go much lower as compare to the high seasons so it is a great way to take this opportunity to travel in Tibet during winter. 

Many Travelers will travel in winter as a Christmas gift for their family. Even though we Tibetans don't celebrate Christmas but the white snow in mountains is enough for the celebration. 

As a personal opinion, Tibet is also known as the land of snows or surrounded by snows or home of snows so winter proves it all. 

Finally, Tibet Travelers recommend all the Travelers to travel Tibet in winter and enjoy the less touristy and more local Tibetans.

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Written By :Tenzin

Oct 18, 2017


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