Tibet Travel Permit Regulation Updates News 2017

Beginning on 2017 April 1st, Tibet Travel Permit for the year 2017 has been resumed and we have been successfully able to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism Office.

Regulations for the year 2017

Tibet Travel Permit regulation for the year 2017 went smooth.

Below information are few of the good news about obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit for the year 2017 

Photo: From Movie: The Path of Soul, Tibetan Pilgrims to the Mount Kailash 2500KM


1.Doesn't require to have a minimum number of people.

2.Doesn't require to have the same nationality in the group.

This gives great advantages for any travelers who prefer to travel any time or any itinerary they prefer as long as that place is open for travelers.


1.To obtain the Tibet Travel Permit will take around 10-20 days, that is one of the main reasons for must need advance booking of the tour in Tibet around at least 15-20 days so Tibet Travelers can make sure to get the Tibet Travel Permit on time from Tibet Tourism Office.

2.For the Group Tours, there is a requirement of minimum 4 people to start the tour since Group Tours arranged by Tibet Travelers is the lowest price possible tours with high-quality service. 

3.Need a clear scan of the Passport and China Visa copies, for an easier way to obtain the China visa, You can check Tibet Travelers latest articles on How to get to Tibet?

4.When applying for the Tibet Travel Permit, it is very important to mention all the places you would like to visit when you are booking the tour so Tibet Travelers can make sure to list all places on the Tibet Travel Permit and also can adjust the itinerary and price. Once the permit is issued it is difficult to extend or add extra places especially places which need an extra permit.

1.Mount Everest Base Camp

2.Mount Kailash

3.Rawok Lake

These are the places which need a special permit so it can't be obtained once you get to Lhasa in a short time.

These are information on Tibet Travel Permit Latest Update News for the year 2017, contact Tibet Travelers today for your upcoming journey to Tibet. info@tibettravelers.com 


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