Tibet Travel Permit Update 2018


Tibet is one of the destinations where we need a Tibet Travel Permit to travel. According to previous years, Tibet Travel Permit for the year 2018 will resume from April 1st

We recommend all the Travelers who are planning to travel to Tibet in March adjust the date of travel to April 1st or later. 

Tibet Travel Permit cannot be obtained on your own, you will need a Travel Agency to help obtain the Tibet Travel Permit. 

Travel agencies are not allowed to sell only the Tibet Travel Permit since Tibet Travel Permit is free. 

Travelers have to be on an organized tour so Tibet Travelers can help to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit.

Before explaining the Tibet Travel Permit, one of the most important things Travelers have to remind is the China Visa, which plays the biggest role in obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit. There is no Tibet Visa, China Visa is the only Visa Travelers need to travel to Tibet.

how to get the China Visa

To obtain the Tibet Travel Permit, below are some important information Tibet Travelers request.

1. Advance booking around 20 days, for Tours to Mount Kailash and Eastern Tibet, advance booking around 30 days.

2. Clear Colorful Passport and China Visa Scan

3. Date of arrival and Date of Departure,  let us know exactly how many days Travelers prefer to travel in Tibet since Tibet Travel Permit is valid only until the end of the tour in the itinerary. 

4. Exact travel itinerary in Tibet, since these places names will be written on the Tibet Travel Permit and only these places, are allowed for Travelers to travel so let us know all the places Travelers prefer to travel so Tibet Travelers can write all those names. 

Photo: Beauties of Yamdrok Lake

Travelers can also visit Tibet Travelers Tibet Travel Permit for more information.

Travel Tibet in the year 2018 with an advance booking discount of 5 percent of the Tour fee. Email us at info@tibettravelers.com for Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet.

Written By :Tenzin

Feb 21, 2018


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