Tibet Travel Permit Updates 2018 February 5th


As mentioned in Tibet Travelers all Tibet traveling information, Tibet Travel Permit is the main documents required for traveling to Tibet.

They are only 2 destinations from where Travelers can travel into Tibet. 



Tibet Travelers will issue Tibet Travel Permit from the Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa with the help of Passport scan, China visa scan, and information on the exact dates of entering and depart to Tibet from the Travelers if Travelers are planning to travel Tibet from China. 

If Travelers are traveling to Tibet from Nepal, Tibet Travelers will request Travelers passport scan with the information on exact dates of entering and depart to Tibet from Nepal. 

China visa and Group visa from Nepal

After explaining the important information regarding the documents required to travel to Tibet.

Below Tibet Travelers would like to share the Tibet Travel Permit Updates 2018 February 5th

After 11 days, it is the Tibetan New Year 2145, the year of Earth Dog in the Tibetan Horoscope. Tibet Travelers will be not running any tours from today until the March 31st

Tibet Travelers will resume Tibet Travel Permit for the year 2018 from April 1st. Tibet Travelers will make sure to reply the Emails from our Travelers within 12 hours even during the Tibetan New Year but if it takes few more hours, hope Travelers understand.

Travelers who would like to travel to Tibet during February to March, Tibet Travelers highly recommend changing the dates of travel in Tibet after the April 1st of 2018

Tibet Travel Permit is free of cost so Tibet Travelers is not allowed to sell only the Tibet Travel Permit.

Tibet Travelers would like to recommend Travelers to check Tibet Travelers different types of Tour on our website

2018 is a great year to travel Tibet since there is no any news of Tibet closer so Tibet Travelers would highly recommend all the Travelers for travel to Tibet and witness her true beauties with the Tibet Travelers. 

Tibet Travelers is started by Tenzin Dhondup, born at the feet of Mount Everest in a small village. Tenzin worked for Tourism in Tibet for more than 15 years until now.

Even though he had many aims including preserving the Tibetan culture and nature but still main aim will be making Travelers happy while traveling in Tibet. Travel to Tibet with Tibet Travelers via sending us Email at info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

Feb 05, 2018


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