Tibet Travel Social Project

Tibet Travel Social Project!

Over the years, Tibet has become a dream travel destination for many Travelers. Travel agencies, Tour Guides, Tour Driver families, Hotels, Restaurant workers, and locals depending on tourism, we would like to thank all the Travelers for traveling to Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers mainly aims to give some portion of the Tour profit as a Thanksgiving to the locals.  Tibet Travelers started a project to buy warm jackets for nearly all 319 students and five cooks of the schools at one of the highest-situated primary schools in Tibet in the Tingri county Pasum village at an elevation of 4300 meters.

The project became successful with the kindness of the Travelers chosen Tibet Travelers.

Tibet Travel Social Project!

Our Social Responsibility Project of Tibet focused on helping the local Tibetan Students at Pasum village, the hometown area of Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup.

Tibet Travel Social Project!Photo: Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup in Pasum Village Primary School 4300 meters, 30km from Mount Everest North Face Base Camp

Journey from Lhasa

I started the journey from Lhasa to Shigatse with my sister on the evening of April 8th. The next day, we traveled to Pasum village. The Journey from Lhasa to Pasum village is around 600 km, driving nearly 12 hours.

My mother and my brother's family are staying at Pasum village.  On April 10th, my brother took me to the Pasum Primary School to meet the school Principal. The central education office transferred him to Pasum to improve the education of the students at Pasum village. When students are given a gift, they must bring the plastics and waste back to school, so he seemed a very well-educated and determined school principal.

The students are very well taken care of by the central. The clothes and food are all excellent. I have focused on helping them since almost all are farmer's children. When I saw the faces of the students and the pure, innocent, accurate, clean nature of the children, it made my day that we, together with our Traveler's help, did something significant to this beautiful world!

Thank you for choosing Tibet Travelers!

Travelers can also read our article on the 2020 Social Responsibility Project.


Social Responsibility is a big subject, and this project is just the beginning; we will focus & do our best to have a similar project every year as a mission and vision of Tibet Travelers travel agency. 

We want to Thank all the Travelers who have chosen Tibet Travelers. This is our together Social Responsibility Project.

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Written By :Tenzin

May 14, 2023


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