Local Tibet Travel Agency Two Social Projects

Local Tibet Travel Agency Two Social Projects

Over the years, Tibet has become a dream travel destination for many Travelers. We would like to thank all the Travelers for traveling to roof of the world.

One of the main goals of Tibet Travelers is to show gratitude to the locals by donating a part of their tour profits. One of their projects involved purchasing warm jackets for 319 students and five cooks at a primary school situated at a high altitude in Tingri County, near Mount Everest. The school is located in Pasum village, which is at an elevation of 4300 meters. The project became successful with the kindness of the Travelers chosen Tibet Travelers.

1. First Tibet Travel Social Project

Our Social Responsibility Project of Tibet focused on helping the local Tibetan Students at Pasum village, the hometown area of Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup.

Tibet Travel Social Project!

Photo: Manager Tenzin at the Pasum School for the social project.

2. Lhasa to the Pasum School near Mount Everest Base Camp.

I started the journey from Lhasa to Shigatse with my sister on the evening of April 8th. The next day, we traveled to Pasum village. The Journey from Lhasa to Pasum village is around 600 km, driving nearly 12 hours.

My mother and my brother's family are staying at Pasum village.  On April 10th, my brother took me to the Pasum Primary School to meet the school Principal. The central education office transferred him to Pasum to improve the education of the students at Pasum village. When students are given a gift, they must bring the plastics and waste back to school, so he seemed a very well-educated and determined school principal.

3. Warm jackets for 300 students at an elevation of 4300 meters.

The students are very well taken care of by the central. The clothes and food are all excellent. I have focused on helping them since almost all are farmer's children. When I saw the faces of the students and the pure, innocent, accurate, clean nature of the children, it made my day that we, together with our Traveler's help, did something significant to this beautiful world!

The manager and students in Pasum town, with Mount Everest visible in the background.

4. We extend our gratitude to our valued travelers.

We couldn't have made this project a reality without our wonderful travelers who have chosen to embark on this journey with us. Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we extend our warmest thanks to each and every one of you for choosing Tibet Travelers as your travel companion. Each year, Tibet Travelers plans to allocate a portion of its tour earnings towards supporting the local community.

5. Second Tibet Tour Social Project

In 2020, Tibet Travelers company offered 180 wisdom books to one hundred eighty nuns at Tidrum nunnery. The book's name is Bodhisattva Way, a text by the great Shantideva from Nalanda University during the eighth century. Shantideva is among the most renowned and esteemed figures in the entire history of Mahayana Buddhism.

This book delves deeply into the topic of arising Bodhichitta, which is the natural desire to achieve enlightenment driven by a deep compassion for all living beings.

Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzi Dhondup at Tidrum nunnery

Photo: Manager Tenzin at Tidrum Nunnery.

6. Tidrum Nunnery 140km from Lhasa.

The Tidrum nunnery is about 140km from Lhasa, and it takes approximately 3-4 hours to get there by car. Tidrum is a unique location due to its proximity to the best hot springs near Lhasa. Additionally, there is a cave where the great master Maha Guru Rinpoche meditated in the 8th century. We previously wrote a comprehensive article about both the Tidrum nunnery and the Drigung Til Monastery.

7. Conclusion 

The topic of Social Responsibility is extensive, and this endeavor is merely the start. Tibet Travelers travel agency will dedicate itself to organizing similar projects annually as part of its mission and vision. We will prioritize this and strive to achieve it to the best of our abilities.

At Tibet Travelers, we prioritize social responsibility projects and eco-tourism. Additionally, we make sure to compensate Tour Guides generously and provide them with flexibility during tours, all in order to ensure that our Travelers have an exceptional experience while visiting Tibet.

We express our gratitude to all the travelers who have selected Tibet Travelers. Our Social Responsibility Project is a joint effort. Tibet Travelers is a Tibetan-owned travel agency in Tibet that specializes in organizing unforgettable tours of Tibet. Contact us through Instagram Live Chat or add us on WeChat. Travelers can also get in touch with us through email. info@tibettravelers.com

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 13, 2023


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