Tibet Travel Vehicles Options 2024

Tibet Travel Vehicles 

If you're thinking about visiting Tibet, you'll be happy to know that transportation has become much more accessible, with the majority of roads now being paved.

To join our small group tours in Tibet, we usually provide a comfortable 5-seater Buick or Shandai for transportation. But if you're part of a larger group of around 6 to 8 people, we'll make sure to arrange a spacious middle bus for your travel experience.

Tibet's top two tourist hotspots are Mount Everest base camp and Mount Kailash. If you plan on embarking on a lengthy tour such as the one to Mount Kailash, it is advisable to have a vehicle with ample room, which would allow travelers to recline when they become weary of driving for five to six hours.

Tibet Travel offers a variety of tourist vehicles for you, with about five different types available.

  1. Buick minivan
  2. Shandai minivan
  3. Ford mid-sized bus
  4. Toyota Land Cruiser
  5. Yutong large bus

1. Buick minivan

With six seats, including the driver, the Tibet Travel Vehicle Buick minivan is capable of accommodating 4 to 5 passengers comfortably. We have included a picture of the Buick minivan on the article cover due to its frequent use by groups of four travelers.

Tibet Travel Vehicles 

Photo: Shandai minivan

2. Shandai minivan

Looking for a ride that can accommodate your group of four to six people? Look no further than Tibet Travel Vehicle Shandai! Not only is it great for traveling with friends, but it's also a favorite among tourists exploring beautiful nature in Tibet.

 3. Ford mid-sized bus

We've got you covered with our super comfy Tibet Travel Vehicle Ford middle bus! It's perfect for groups of seven to twelve travelers, with fifteen seats to keep everyone cozy. We recently arranged this same bus for our group of nine to head out on a 10-day tour of Mount Kailash, and they loved it! So come on, hop aboard, and let's hit the road together.

Photo: Ford middle bus

4. Toyota Land Cruiser

Tibet Travel Vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser is Ideal for small group tours with 2 to 3 travelers, the Toyota Land Cruiser has a seating capacity of five, including the driver. This vehicle is more costly due to its engine's larger displacement volume. However, using a Toyota for tours is no longer necessary with today's paved roads. The Land Cruiser was more in demand during the 90s when the streets were unpaved and uneven.

Eco bus everest Tashizom

Photo: Yutong Large Bus

5. Yutong large Bus

If you're planning a trip to Tibet with larger group, you'll definitely want to check out the Tibet Travel Vehicle Yutong bus - it's the go-to choice for tourists! We recently took a group of 30 Malaysians to Mount Everest and had them travel in style with a Yutong bus and a Shandai minivan. The Yutong bus is seriously comfortable and can fit up to 25 people - pretty impressive, right?

6. How to get to Tibet by flight or train?

There are three fantastic ways to travel to Tibet! You can hop on a flight, jump on a train, or take an overland tour. The most popular way to get to Lhasa is by catching a flight from cities in China or Kathmandu, Nepal, more information on Tibet Flight Tickets. We have also written an article on how to travel to Tibet by train.

Toyota Land cruiser

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser

Right now, there are five different types of tourist vehicles to choose from, but we'll be sure to keep you updated on any new options in the future.

7. Conclusion

Tibet is a beautiful place to visit, and we're excited to share that the central office is constantly improving transportation and roads for tourists. You'll notice that only vehicles with AL number plates representing Lhasa can transport travelers to Tibet. Welcome! We would absolutely love for you to come and experience the breathtaking beauty of Tibet with us. We are highly rated by precious Travelers in Trip Advisor.

Our objective is to furnish tourists with details regarding the various modes of transportation accessible for a convenient journey on the streets of Tibet. We are confident that this write-up will prove advantageous for individuals scheduling a visit to Tibet. If you have any additional questions concerning traveling to Tibet, please get in touch with us via Instagram live chat or email us at info@tibettravelers.com.

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 18, 2023


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