Tibet Travelers 100th Article


As a Tibetan born and living in Tibet, Worked in Tibet tourism industry for more than 14 years, I have found that there are so many stories and helpful travel in Tibet information inside me so I have thought about sharing them from the day I started my first article.  

This article is my 100th Tibet travel free information article in Tibet Travelers website, I feel delighted about it. 

One of the main reason I love working in the tourism industry is if you share any information truthfully and from your heart, it is helping many other Travelers who have an interest in traveling to Tibet. It gives them a good impression on Tibet and that is very important for anyone who works for tourism in Tibet.

I always say that the full form of Tibet is :

T: Tibet 

I: Is

B: Beautiful 

E: Even

T: Today

A smart man once said that Sharing is Caring and it is really true if we share the true information with a good intention of benefiting others then it will naturally benefit our self. That is how it works as I feel when I read any Books from my ancestors. 

Sharing the useful information with stunning photos has become one of my favorite work and I hope people find benefits through it so more people travel to Tibet easily and happily. 

They are many article writers about traveling to Tibet but many of them are not living in Tibet so things are changing, some are non-Local Tibetans who don't have an exact feeling and information like the locals.

I am not a professional article writer, all I do is write the truth information about Tibet travel, straight from my heart, and I have this feeling that as long as you do that it will definitely benefit others as well as your self.

I will be writing more articles about Tibet tour and travel with update information.

If Travelers have any suggestions highly welcome by sending Email at info@tibettravelers.com 

Thank you for your love and support for Tibet Travelers. 

Travelers can also send us Email about traveling information to Tibet.

Written By :Tenzin

Dec 19, 2017


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