Tibet Travelers 250th article


I would like to thank a good friend of mine for giving me this idea of writing my inner stories and experience of Tibet tourism into words and sharing the world. 

Today is the day I have written 250 articles and I feel delighted about it. 

When I look at the articles that I have written around 2 years ago, I can feel that I have really improved my writing a lot. 

Also Thanks to the beautiful App Grammarly.

I would have made so many mistakes in spelling without it. 

Tourism plays one of the biggest roles in the improvement of the life of local people. 

My journey to Tibet tourism has been started around 16 years ago. 

In the past 13 years, I have been working for a well-known local Tibetan travel company in Lhasa. 

I have started Tibet Travelers in the year 2016. 

In the year 2018, the Tibet travel situation has improved a lot.

Nowadays local Tibetans are able to reach the client directly.

This is making Tibet travel very convenient for both Travelers and the travel agencies. 

Reasons for travel to Tibet

Tibet is the roof of our world. 

Tibet is the home of nature.

Tibet is the birthplace of many great wise people.

Few highlight destinations to travel in Tibet

They are 2 highlight options for traveling to Tibet. 

  1. Overland tour in Tibet
  2. Trekking tour in Tibet 

The few important destinations for an overland tour are:

  1. Mount Everest north face base camp
  2. Mount Kailash kora pilgrim
  3. Yamdrok Lake and Namtso Lake 
  4. Enjoy the beauties of local and nature in Tibet 

The few important destinations for a trekking tour are:

  1. 18 days Kharta Kangshung Gama valley trek to the east face of Mount Everest
  2. Trekking from Ganden to Samye Monastery
  3. Trekking from Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen 

After sharing some travel destinations.

Below I would like to share brief information about traveling to Tibet. 

Photo: Beauties of nature in Tibet 

Unlike many other regions, traveling to Tibet needs advance booking around 20-30 days. 

The reason behind this is the China visa and the Tibet travel permit which takes time to issue. 

Few important information before traveling to Tibet

  1. Advance booking around 20-30 days - Tibet travel free planner
  2. Documents required to travel Tibet - Full information on Tibet travel permit and China visa
  3. Organized tour in Tibet.
  4. Trains or flights to Tibet 
  5. Deposit and payment options 

These are the five important pieces of information before traveling to Tibet. 


Writing and reading are the two most beneficial things in our life.

Tibet Travelers will be updating the Tibet travel permit situations and we will be sharing more information on traveling to Tibet via making our website more efficient and helpful to all the Travelers. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article on the 400th article. 

We would like to hear Travelers' feedback so we can improve every day. 

Traveling to Tibet is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so we urge all the Travelers to travel to the roof of our world Tibet. 

For Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Travelers can send us Emails at info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

Aug 28, 2018


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