Tibet Travelers are Seekers

Spiritualism is an inseparable part of all the Traveler traveling to Tibet. 

Seeking is one of the only reason that humans have lived from the civilization until now. 

When I was in my childhood, I used to hear stories of people seeking God or seeking the truth. I have a feeling that they are crazy but now I can feel that they are very smart. Maybe one of the smartest since seeking makes us greater because seeking gives us hope and hope always keeps us alive even in the difficult times. 

The reason Buddha talked about suffering first instead of happiness is he can clearly see that many of our so call happiness are un ripen suffering so he started talking about suffering.

Now if we talk about the market. Every Salesman talks about the bright side since they don't want to lose the sale but Buddha is compassionate so that makes him different from all the Salesman.

To seek something we have to go beyond our Ego. As modern Tibetan Buddhist Guru Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse said: Seeking truth. Seeking something that will destroy you. Do you have that kind of courage? 

Seeking is a beautiful culture of humans. It keeps us young inside. All the Tibet Travelers are seekers. They travel since they want to seek something beyond the boundaries of the home and that will make them greater than others. 

Seeking doesn't mean we must find what we seek. Just seeking will keep us alive in our difficult times. 

Photo: Beauties of Mount Kailash Kang Rinpoche 

Our human mind is smart but it should be trained. I would like to start with a story.

There was a Tibetan Buddhist Yogi mother. She had put a skull of a human in a bag and given the bag to her disciple son by telling him that there is a skull of a goat.

He should sleep with the bag filled with the skull of a goat for a night to practice the Dharma.

The son feels no fear that night and sleeps very well since he had the faith that it is a skull of a goat.

The next day, the mom put a skull of a goat in the bag without the son knowing.

She told him that it is a bag filled with a skull of a human and he should sleep with the skull filled bag for a night. 

Son can't sleep for the whole night since he was feared by the human skull.

The above story shares that the human mind should be trained with a faith. 

The faith is like a petrol for the journey of Seekers. 


Seeking, faith, devotion, and hope keeps us alive during the most difficult times of Seeking.

Seeking doesn't mean we only seek spiritualism.  Even the people who are after the money are also seekers. The seeking mind slowly grows their mental and that is the reason many rich people started to seek spiritualism when they become filthy rich and it all started with the seeking mind. 

Travelers traveling to Tibet are also seekers. Some after beautiful nature, some after spiritual light, some after the peace of mind, and some after someone else so seeking is beautiful. 

Tibet is the roof of our world. Home of the highest mountain in our world the Mount Everest Chomolungma 8844 meters. 

Tibet is the home of the lord of the holy mountain the Mount Kailash Kang Rinpoche. 

Tibet is the home of many great spiritual seekers. They were once more than 10 thousands great Yogis so great spiritual ancestors are also one of the reasons people travel to Tibet.

Tibet is the right place for seekers. They are many beautiful natures. Tibet is the home of mountains, lakes, rivers, and grassland. We highly recommend all the Travelers to travel Tibet and seek for the beauties of Tibet. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Aug 20, 2018


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