Tibet Travelers Eco Plan


Tibet is our home and a dream destination for many Travelers. The word Tibet stands for  Tibet is Beautiful Even Today.

To preserve the beauties of Tibet and to make Tibet beautiful even today is a big responsibility for all the Travel agencies. Also spreading positive vibes is helping since everything has to start from step one. 

Tibet Travelers has learned a lot from many Travelers, not throwing out the garbage everywhere, and not wasting the water and the food. Just as the wisdom of the east is now flourishing in the west, because of Travelers the wisdom of the west is coming to the east.

Many Travelers traveling to Tibet from Nepal shared that Tibet is very clean. Even though Tibet is very clean but still it is an important role to put effort as a travel agency to protect the beauty. 

Three personal beautiful ideas from Tibet Travelers are:

  1. Garbage and waste clean at Mount Kailash kora route of 52 kilometers and garbage cleaning near the monasteries.
  2. Planting as many trees as we can. It is quite an expensive project but we will keep working on it. We feel that even giving some donations to the tree planting office in Lhasa is similar to planting a tree since recently we have seen many tree planting projects near, Lhasa and it's beautiful.
  3. Helping the poor Tibetan students pay for the University fees.

Photo: Beauties of Namtso Lake 

In the late winter when the tourist season slows down, we are planning the cleaning garbage project and we will share the updates through our articles on our website.

We did some donations to one of the University students, we will keep focusing more on it.

They are many Travelers who are asking us questions, are you local Tibetan? Do you support local businesses? We would like to thank all those Travelers for your Tibet love. It really makes a big difference when you support someone who has Tibet love.

Tibet Travelers is one of the local Tibetan-owned Travel agencies based in Lhasa. We are experts in Tibet travel since we have been working in the tourism office during the 2nd tourism office in Lhasa at Banakshol hotel. Travelers who have traveled to Tibet for a decade and a half do know about the situation of Tourism in Tibet during those days without using the internet. Travelers will come to the travel agency and ask the tour they prefer and also post the tour they prefer with a sign that says, two Travelers from the US looking for two more Travelers to share the cost to Mount Kailash or Mount Everest, with the detail room number and the name of hotel Snowland or Yak hotel or Banakshol hotel or Kirey hotel. The few hotels in Lhasa for Tourists at those times.


Tibet Tourism has changed a lot with the internet and social media. It is a beautiful journey to travel to Tibet once in life since Tibet is the roof of our world with beautiful nature and warm spiritual sites.

For some Travelers, when they get to Tibet, they feel like they are home, maybe past life they are Tibetans.

We would like to thank all the Travelers for traveling to Tibet via choosing the Tibetan travel agency Tibet Travelers.

Travelers who are planning on traveling to Tibet can easily contact Tibet Travelers via Email info@tibettravelers.com Travelers can also add our whats app+86 18908990100 Wechat tibettravelers 

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 27, 2018


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