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Beautiful Nature, clear blue sky, white, and brown high mountains, cool blue, and green running rivers, peaceful lakes, and warm spiritual Tibetan people are making Tibet one destination where every Travelers dream is located but they are few reasons that traveling to Tibet is becoming difficult for many Travelers. 

1. Different Tibet travel information shared on the different website.

2. Many non-local Tibetans staying outside of Tibet claimed to be Tibet Travel Expert and sharing outdated information.

3. Many paid Ads on Google from unreliable travel agencies.

4. Many Travel agencies outside of Tibet cooperating with travel agencies in Tibet, making the price goes high and service go low. 

5. Random changes in Tibet Travel policy. 

After sharing 5 reasons, Tibet Travelers would like to share a few important information regarding traveling to Tibet to make it easier for Travelers to travel to Tibet.

2 Documents required for travel to Tibet

1. China Visa

2. Tibet Travel Permit 

China visa is one of the most important documents required to issue Tibet Travel Permit. Tibet Travelers has shared information regarding China visa many times in our previous articles.

How to get China visa?

After explaining about the China visa, Tibet Travelers would like to share.

How to get Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet Travelers recommend all the Travelers to book the tour in Tibet at least 20-30 Days advance so Tibet Travelers has enough time to issue the Tibet Travel Permit and arrange the tour service in Tibet.

Advance Booking required to obtain Tibet Travel Permit

Photo: Beauties of Tibet

One of the most important information about traveling to Tibet is the Tour in Tibet. Travelers can visit Tibet Travelers link for 3 different types of tours available in Tibet with the link to 3 types of Tours link in Tibet Travelers website. 

3 Types of Tour

Private Tour

Group Tour

Customized Tour

After sharing information about the Tour in Tibet, now Tibet Travelers would like to share the link for Flight Ticket and Train Ticket to Tibet.

One of the most important information is to choose a reliable local Tibetan travel agency to have an authentic Tibet travel experience. Travelers can also check why choose Tibet Travelers as your travel agent in Tibet?

These are the few important information regarding traveling to Tibet. May this information be useful to all the Travelers around our world who would love to travel to Tibet.

Tibet Travelers would like to welcome all the Travelers to travel to Tibet and witness the beauties of Tibet. 

For Tibet Travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email. Tibet Travelers at [email protected] 

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Jan 05, 2018


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