Tibet Travelers joins Tibet ecotravel collective


This is a great news for Tibet Travelers family. Tibet Travelers will join the Tibet Ecotravel Collective very soon.

The Tibet Ecotravel Collective is a group of local Tibetan tour operators who share the common goal of creating a more socially and environmentally responsible tourism industry in Tibet. This initiative aims to promote those local tourism enterprises who are committed to becoming environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable, and whose business activities benefit local communities. This website has been created with input and materials from the local Tibetan businesses promoted on this site and developed by international ecotourism professionals with a passion for Tibet.

This website aims to support local Tibetan tour operators and encourage local Tibetan entrepreneurs as well as travelers to adopt greener, more responsible travel and business practices.

Applying international standards to tourism operators in Tibet is not yet realistic as the industry is young and has a long way to go before being on a par with more developed ecotourism destinations. The purpose of this website is to educate both travelers and locals, to connect travelers with local companies and encourage these companies to commit to achieving higher professional standards and higher levels of sustainability and ethical responsibility within their local community. The Tibet Ecotravel Collective would love to see more satisfied tourists in Tibet and more economic benefit going to local communities. We believe tourism can be a win-win situation.

How are businesses selected to be listed on this site?

To be listed on this website, local companies must prove they are committed to working towards achieving the basic principles of the commonly accepted Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. They must have undertaken ecotourism training courses and made a genuine effort to improve their business operations.  Businesses will be assessed by the Collective and if no efforts are made towards achieving these goals or to many customer complaints are received then they will be removed from this site.

Tibet Travelers would like to thank everyone at Tibet Ecotravel Collective Family for giving us this great opportunity. We are delighted to be part of the Tibet Ecotravel Collective Family.

Tibet Ecotravel Collective 

For Tibet travel free information or booking a journey to Tibet, Email us at info@tibettravelers.com 


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