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Tibet Travelers is a True Local Tibetan Travel Agency in Tibet based in Lhasa, we are one of the most active in the Social Media World.

Tibet Travelers shares our deep knowledge on Tourism in Tibet, we not only promote tours on Social Media, but we also promote peace and healthy speech to our world.

Two of the most active Social Media of Tibet Travelers are Facebook and Instagram.

Tibet Travelers Facebook Page has been liked and followed by more than 16000 humble people around the globe. Each week we will post around 3-4 times on our travel company page.

Tibet Travelers Facebook Page

Tibet Travelers also has a group namely Tibet Travelers Group, with around 400 travelers, in our Tibet Travelers Group, travelers can ask Tibet Travel for free information and any questions regarding traveling to Tibet. We also share the most stunning Tibet photos and videos on Facebook.

Tibet Travelers Group on Facebook

Our General Manager Tenzin Dhondup is also very active on Facebook Personal Profile namely Tenzin Dhondup,  he shares his personal experiences on both Spiritual and Materialism, he also shares healthy speech about love and peace. Feel free to add Tenzin Dhondup as a friend from Tibet on Facebook.

Tenzin Dhondup Facebook

Another most active Social Media of Tibet Travelers is Instagram. Around 900 people are following our most recent Tibet travel information news updates and stunning Tibet photos which we share around 5-6 times each week.

Tibet Travelers Instagram page

Tibet Travelers also has Twitter, Tumbler, and Flickr. Below are the links.





Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' articles on Tibet Travelers Social Media. We are happy to welcome you to our Social Media world.

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 03, 2017


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