Tibet trip with my mother


Tibet trip with my mother! The three-day trip started with a phone call from my elder sister. She asked me if I had time to travel to Woka Choelong Valley with my mother, and I was glad I could take my mother on a trip again.

The highlight of Today's Tibet Travel Article 

  1. Three-day tour with my mother and elder sister.
  2. Woka Choelong Monastery. 
  3. Hike to the meditation cave of Great Je Tsongkhapa.
  4.  Sangri Je Machik Lapdron monastery.
  5. Samye monastery and Chimpuk meditation caves.

We started the family tour on the morning of 2019, September 1st, from Lhasa. We traveled by the Linlha highway until we reached Rutok town. From Rutok, we turn south into the Valley of Woka near the Woka Choelong monastery.

On the way, we visited a small Nyingma school monastery, namely Trintso. Near the monastery, there is a small lake, namely Trintso Lake.  After traveling for a few more hours, we arrived at the Zingqi monastery. The main shrine of the monastery is the statue of the future Buddha Matriaye.  From Zingqi town, it is only around 20km to the Woka Valley. We arrived at Woka Choelong monastery while listening to the details of the monastery from a frankly humble monk. I have written an article about Woka Choelong.

Photo: The Zigzag route on the way to the meditation cave of Je Tsongkhapa

This time, the tour's main highlight with my mother was the hike to the meditation caves of Great Je Tsongkhapa—the founder of the Gelug school from Buddhism in Tibet. 

Hike to the meditation cave of Great Je Tsongkhapa.

We planned to visit the two precious meditation caves of the great Je Tsongkhapa this time. 

  1. The precious place where Je Tsongkhapa shares the teachings on Praise of Dependent Arising.  
  2. The precious water of Manjushri Buddha makes the sound of the mantra Na Didi. (Mantra of Manjushri Buddha)
  3. The monastery is at an altitude of 5000 meters. 
  4. Meditation cave of great Je Tsongkhapa.

From Woka Choelong monastery, we must travel by a high pass at nearly 5000 meters into the Valley of Nomads. After a few minutes from the pass, we parked the car and hiked to the great Je Tsongkhapa meditation cave. The hiking duration is around one and a half hours one way at an elevation of nearly 5000 meters. 

Photo: Hiking to the meditation cave of Je Tsongkhapa

It was raining, and we hiked slowly towards the meditation cave. The area is covered by green nature. Locals say that some of the wild bears' homes are situated on the way, so it is essential to have a local Guide to show the route since the meditation cave is hard to find.

My mother is seventy-one years old, and locals say she is one of the healthiest Amala they have seen.  I told her to give me her hand, but she stated: I want to walk by myself, and the smile on her face shows that she is so happy to travel to this precious place. 

The precious place where Je Tsongkhapa share the teachings on Praise of Dependent Arising

After realizing his emptiness, Je Tsongkhapa was so happy that he wanted to praise the Buddha Shakyamuni with a Praise of Dependent Arising. He said no lord or god from the earth had taught the teachings on Dependent Arising except Buddha. He was so pleased to praise Buddha Shakyamuni Siddhartha Gautama for the gift of Dependent Arising to the world. 

Photo: Precious footprint of Je Tsongkhapa

We drank the precious water of Manjushri wisdom Buddha by listening to the water's noise. My mother said the water is making the sound of the Manjushri Buddha's mantra.  It is her great, clean perception that she has merit to hear like that. It was complicated for me since I didn't have merit like her.

We are the first people on our team to enter the meditation cave of Great Je Tsongkhapa since only 2 or 3 people can join this small meditation cave at once. This meditation cave is one of the most beautiful meditation caves I have seen. It looks like a human did not build it; I feel like a local god or demon offered it to the great Je Tsongkhapa as a gift since it is their honor to have a great Buddha-like Je Tsongkhapa meditating near them. 

After spending some time near the meditation cave, I finally smelled the beautiful incense near the gate of the meditation cave. The smell made me feel happy and awake. 

Photo: Gate of Meditation Cave of Je Tsongkhapa

We took photos and planned to visit and hike to another meditation area where the great Je Tsongkhapa meditated on Buddha Yamantaka. (Manjushri Buddha in the wrathful form) One of the most potent Yidams. (Tantra Deities) We plan to leave it for next time because there is too much hiking and rain at this time. 

We all hiked back to the vehicle parking area. My mother was one of the healthiest again, and we all traveled back to Lhasa with big smiles. 

The route from the parking area is another route to Sangri town near Tsetang, so we took that route where we can see stunning waterfalls. After reaching Sangri town, we visited the great female Yogi Jetsun Machik Lapdron monastery. From there, we travel to Samye monastery and Chimpuk meditation caves by spending a night at Samye.  The next day, we trekked back to Lhasa by the Tsetang Lhasa highway. 

Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup and motherPhoto: Me and my mother during New Year 


The three-day hike was one of my best trips for the year 2019. I am planning a short trip with my mother to the hot springs at Tidrum nunnery. Thank you for reading my diary on a trip with my mother. For Tibet travel, free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email at info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

Jan 06, 2023


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Vadim from Russia
Vadim from Russia
1 year ago

Thank you! Unfortunately, I can’t go through such little-known places of Je Tsongkhapa as a pilgrim myself, thank you for showing me these beautiful places.

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