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Vajrayana Yogi for beginners

  There are countless reasons I love Shakyamuni Buddha. One of the special reasons, Buddha is flexible. Buddha Shakyamuni might be the most flexible Guru in the world from the beginning of civilization until now and this flexibility shows Buddha's compassion and wisdom towards the Sentient Beings.   As there is a Proverb: Even though there

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Feb 26, 2023  0


  Jetsun Tsongkhapa is the founder of the Gelugpa School of Buddhism in Tibet. Tsongkha is the name of the place in the Eastern Tibet Amdo area where he was born. Jetsun Tsongkhapa was born in the year 1357 during the 14th century. At the age of three, ordained as a layman vow by the 4th Jetsun Karmapa Rolpey Dorjee.  At the age of seven,

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Feb 14, 2023  0

Meditation and Yoga in Tibet

  Meditation is the best gift we can give to ourselves. I am a beginner meditator but I can say that I am a big fan of meditation. I have seen a few books about meditation and today I would like to share my little information about meditation. They are many benefits we will gain from meditation, we will become more aware of our actions and a

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Feb 14, 2023  2

Ra Lotsawa

  Jetsun Ra Lotsawa was born in the Nyalam town border with Nepal in the 11th century. In his biography, when he was born, he was taken by Dakini for a few months. His father was a Ngakpa, a Yogi in Tantrayana Buddhism. After learning Tantric Buddhism from his father, he later pursued further teachings from Nepal with a vision of a dream. Du

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Feb 13, 2023  1


  Padmasambhava means the one born from the lotus. Also known as Maha Guru Rinpoche or Lopon Chenpo in Tibetan. Maha means great. Guru and Rinpoche meaning spiritual master. Lopon Chenpo means the great spiritual master.  Tibetans owe a lot to Maha Guru Padmasambhava. Even Maha Guru Rinpoche said; Bo La Drin Chen Chay Kang, Drin Me Ko me

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  Je means Lord and Tsun means purity discipline. One of the number one biographies of Tibetan masters is the biography of Jetsun Milarepa. Jetsun Milarepa is one of the Tibetan Yogi enlightened in one lifetime.  Milarepa was born in the year 1052 at the Gungtang Kya Nga Za near Phikutso Lake. Gungtang village is located around 100 km from

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Feb 10, 2023  0

If you have Compassion

  One of the most powerful words on the planet Earth is not the word power but the word compassion.  Compassion is known as (Nying Jey)  Nying means mind or heart.  Jey means Lord or King.  Compassion is the only medicine that can help us to find happiness even in the suffering so that makes compassion the only medicine to cure all

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Feb 09, 2023  0

Sakya Drakpa Gyaltsen

  Born like a prince of Sakya yet left the great comfort life and wandered in the mountains of Sakya as a Yogi. In his whole life, he has never shown his back of the body to his Lama as a sign of true devotion.  Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen is one of my favorite masters from the Sakya sect. The root Lama of the first Pandit in Tibet Jetsun Saky

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Feb 08, 2023  0

Merit is everything

  As one great master says, someone like Buddha, who has merit like a sky, even the sound of a bird can wake him from Samsara, and someone like me (Tenzin Dhondup), who has no merit, even hearing so many precious beautiful Buddha Dharma teachings, I am still asleep. Merit plays the most significant role in Buddhism.  The mind is like a hote

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Feb 07, 2023  1

Bodhisattvas 37 Practices

  I am a beginner Buddhist and to other beginner or all-time practitioners or someone who is interested in Tibetan Buddhism, I would like to share a short story of a great compassionate master, Gyelse Tokme Zangpo / Prince Thogme Sangpo, the name I have never heard until a few years ago, after that, I went to a bookshop in Lhasa for his biogr

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Feb 03, 2023  0

Drukpa Kunley

One of the most influential Yogi from Tibet is the Drukpa Kunley. His spiritual attainment can be compared with the 84 great Maha Siddhas.  1. Introduction Drukpa Kunley came into our world between the year (1455–1529) in the Shigatse Tsang area at a village namely Kyishoe. His father's name was Nangso Rinchen Sangpo and his mother was Ponmo G

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Jan 22, 2023  0

Seven syllable king of mantra

  ( Buddha ) The most compassionate and wisest spiritual teacher in the whole world. The deep compassion of Buddha shared many different techniques and tools to attain absolute enlightenment. One of the best techniques is meditation.  A few of the meditation techniques are:  Breath meditation  Sound meditation  Walking meditation

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