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Nightlife Bars in Lhasa

  Lhasa is known as one of the most comfortable cities in the world. It is one of the most beautiful and my favorite place in Tibet. Even though I was born near Mount Everest region but I have a deep feeling that Lhasa is my home. Normally I only recommend the places where Travelers can see the beauties of nature and sightseeing in Tibet but

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Jul 20, 2018  0

Few highlights Restaurants in Lhasa

  Lhasa is one of the most beautiful cities in the Tibet Autonomous Region.  Lhasa is also one of the most developed city with a clean environment and many different types of restaurants availability.  Having a good sleep and good food plays a great role in a great trip.  Few highlights Restaurants in Lhasa 90 percent of the tours arra

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Mar 15, 2018  0

Lunch and Dinner expense in Tibet

  All the tours arranged by Tibet Travelers website are excluding Lunch and Dinner to make it easier for Travelers to choose the food with a preferred price range.  Tibet Travelers can also arrange tours that include the meals but to make it easier mostly we let our Travelers choose via excluding.  1. Local Tibetan foods Most popular loc

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Feb 21, 2018  1

Butter Tea and Sweet Tea

  They are two special Tea's in Tibet, namely Butter Tea, and Sweet Tea.  Actually, the main tea of Tibet is Butter Tea, after the influence from British, Sweet Tea has become very popular in many regions in Asia, Especially in India and Tibet. Nowadays in the cities in Tibet, many local Tibetan will enjoy the Sweet Tea more than the Butter

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Jul 01, 2017  0

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